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UltRa pArKOuR (PrOJecT mAp)

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avatar DrEnderman211
Level 4 : Apprentice Architect
I already created a big part of the map (um, a small piece compared to the whole project). But I don't exactly know when will be the end, so I'll put 0% progress... don't worry, there already is a downloadable file. I think there will be between 200 and 500 levels.

Welcome to Ultra Parkour!
A deadly parkour map for all challengers who love kicking their PC in a fit of ragequit.

Explore tons of hard levels, with terrible jumps and various dangerous features :

- Climb ladders to reach the skies!
- Jump on nothing with the invisible platforms!
- Land safely, then fall! Platforms that periodically disappear and come back, or move in complex patterns, or even destroy   themselves when you land on them!
- Play "The Floor is Lava!" In EXTREME difficulty!
- Slip on the icy surfaces!
- Make a wise use of the bonus the beacons don't give!
- Fall and fall hundreds of times in the giant RAGEQUIT levels!
- Try to catch the platforms before they disappear!
- Push the buttons to make appear new platforms!
- Progress is saved every level, plus some checkpoints between hard jumps!
- Actually 45 levels, but the complete map will have more and more!
- Every level is possible, but you'll rage some hours before finishing them! Don't be discouraged by the difficulty, or else you'll   never pass the further levels.

Each level is represented by a color, and a little word that explains their difficulty!
NOOBY - BLUE : very easy, congrats if you fail at these ones!
EZ - CYAN : a little harder, but still realizable without failing.
MEH - GREEN : harder levels, may contain hard jumps.
HARD ROCK - YELLOW : difficult, winning them without falling can represent a tricky challenge.
R U KIDDING ME - ORANGE : overloaded with platforms, they can be extremely difficult.
RAGEQUIT - RED : appears periodically, as a boss level. Ultra hard, you'll kick your PC!
BRUH - BLACK : The ultimate difficulty. Not present in early levels, appears only further. Generally comes under the form of giant black towers. Win them without dying and I'll call you Grandmaster.
BONUS - PURPLE : small levels, only for fun. They doesn't count in the level count and sometimes allow to pass over hard areas.

All the levels have been tested, everything can be crossed! Of course, some levels can be hard, but WHAT'S WRITTEN ON THE SIGNS?!


Because black concrete can be difficult to see with other black stuff in the background, I created a small texture pack, that you can download here.

IMPORTANT NOTE : I'm actually working on some bugs in the Redstone circuits, that make the moving platforms stop after some time. I didn't actually put the Adventure restriction, so use Creative Mode if you are stuck.


- First Version 1.0 : added levels 1 to 46, and every difficulty except for BRUH. New features are platforms, ladders, barriers, vanishing, moving and crumbling platforms, pushers, teleporters, glass panes and lava.

- Bruh Version 2.0 : added levels 47 to 60, and BRUH difficulty. New features are ice platforms, end rods and variable teleporters.

- Nucleic Version 2.1 : welcome in the cellular environment ! Jump from DNA to proteins and make your ways through clouds of ribosomes in the levels 61 to 70!
Progress0% complete

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