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The only reason I had bought a ps4, was to continue the adventure of uncharted. Then after playing the game I wanted to play more. A more open world. More secrets. I had minecraft at the time, it was one of my first games on the console. I picked up that controller and I started building. My custom Uncharted 4 themed adventure map! I started this project a year ago. I'm still not even finished. Even though I'm criticized by being told "I didn't build the mountain" or "It looks nothing like the real thing" or the famous "You know you're building this for nothing right?" Yea I know, if you are still reading Jesus Christ you're probably a literature person. Anyways Behold the uncharted 4 map for the PS4 system only. Once I get another pc and another minecraft account I'll eventually try rebuilding it on a server so it can be public
CreditMy psn: Dank420memeskrub (no it's not a troll) Second hand in help: GTBS50 (also his minecraft pc name)
Progress75% complete

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07/11/2023 5:20 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Explorer
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After years of forgetting about this post here (and this website), it’s time I say that I posted this with the intention that it won’t get attraction. I’ve only remembered about this because I googled “uncharted 4 mcbe map” and a saw a thumbnail that looked a little familiar, and boom, memories. This map ⚠️Will not be released, I could release it, but I’d rather make a whole new world and try again.⚠️ after bedrock took over console edition, this world has been sitting in that old version and now with access with command blocks and all these mods, I’d want to make something I’ll actually be proud of.
06/28/2019 10:52 pm
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Will this be available for download ??
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