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Krazy_J avatar Krazy_J
Level 21 : Expert Nerd
MC Version 1.13.2


In this survival map, you have to explore to find things that will be necessary to survive, so go out and get what you need!
Your base has taken a beating, but with some repairs, you can unlock other areas and use them for things like making a farm.

There are 3 repairable attached domes, a stray dome (with saplings, dirt, and bone meal), a maze with loot chests, and other structures to explore! There is also an inactive Conduit directly under the main dome for you to activate.

Other rules/guidelines:

When you get to repairing the lumber dome, I suggest taking apart the detached dome for its blocks. You're not supposed to disassemble the the boss structure, but if you already found all of the chests in the maze, you can disassemble it if you want to.

If you run out of blaze powder in the potion stand, you can /give yourself some.
If you get mining fatigue far outside of the boss area, you can /effect clear yourself.

This map is singleplayer and multiplayer compatable.
Progress100% complete

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