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Unnamed Adventure Map (WIP)

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Unnamed Adventure Map

Note: This is not related to ForumJelly or any projects related to it. This is purely a fun side-project my friends and I (craftdiamonds) will be working on for fun.

What is it?
This will be an OpenWorld CTM adventure map! Featuring six whole provinces, dungeons, quests, builds, mobs, items, etc. The entire map will have a fantasy theme and we will be trying to make the world feel interconnected. We will be including transportation, docks, kingdoms, towns, and more to make this feel more alive! Think of this like Wynncraft but an adventure map. The map is 3k x 3k blocks.

As of right now, the story hasn't been fully developed but is planned!

Custom Features
This map is a CTM Adventure map, meaning you have five distinct areas to go through. In addition, you will be able to skip travel, ride boats, and utilize other means of unlockable transportation to get between areas you have visited. Furthermore, this is technically an open-worlded survival map so feel free to play it however you want. To continue, we plan to add custom mobs, items, quests, villagers, towns, dungeons, upgrade systems, and distinct objectives to make this map more fun. Finally, we are unsure of this idea but we may also make the Nether & End fully custom as well.

This map will include 6 unique provinces with an overarching fantasy theme. Each province will have a kingdom, dungeons, ports, towns, and more to make it feel separate. At the moment the provinces haven't been fully developed but here is the general gist of it.

Province 1: Kingdom of Kingdoms
Status: Building
This province is the player's "base" and where all the kingdoms meet together. This will also be where the final shrine is located to beat the map. This land will be mostly peaceful with a variety of inhabited structures and delegates from the other provinces.

Province 2: Unnamed
Status: Building
This is mostly a forest-based area, with a variety of different forests and magic.
Will include areas: Magic/Light Forest, Dark Forest, The Portal, Land of Trees, Overgrown Kingdom, and Shroom Forest

Province 3: Unnamed
Status: Building

This would be the super-developed part of the world, largely mechanical and steampunk-based.
Will include areas: Skyislands, Steampunk Kingdom, Crystal Mines, The Industry, and the Arena

Province 4: Unnamed
Status: Building

This province shares the same land with province 5 which results in the two provinces being in a complete war. Will include areas: Ruined Kingdom, The Portal, Shipwreck Cove, Volcanic Wasteland, Arid Desert, and Mesa.

Province 5: Unnamed
Status: Building

This province shares the same land with province 4 which results in the two provinces being in a complete war.
Will include areas: Exposed Earth Core, Land of Corruption, Plains, and the Ruined Kingdom

Province 6: Unnamed
Status: Building

The final province will be in an arctic mountainous environment, also the area where Warriors & Mages gather.
Will include areas: Mountainous Tundra, Island of Warriors & Magic, and Ice Islands.
CreditHypixel Knights
Progress5% complete

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03/24/2021 10:47 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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When will this be coming out?
03/31/2021 12:10 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Pixel Puncher
craftdiamonds avatar
We are unsure at the moment, this is just a project was are working on for fun and there is a chance it may not be completed for a long time.
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