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Unspoken Paths (WorldPainter & WorldEdit Creation)

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I used World Painter to create the terrain, ponds, and the forest of this map. I built the rest by hand with the help of World Edit. The map is a forest with a path leading from the spawn point to a village and a spring. Spawn point is meant to be a path leading to another location in a larger world. The village is a settlement created by a group of people, meant to be secluded and safe from outside dangers. Most other people wouldn't hike into the forest. The village is inhabited by 10 people currently. It has homes, storage sheds, wheat farm, animal farm, bar, town hall, and a couple other places to hang out. The entire world is circular, 1,280 blocks in diameter. The spring is just a simple pond with weathered down stone structures. Nobody knows what was built there or what significance it had in the past.

I appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism on this build. There are a few easter eggs I left around the village for those of you who want to download and explore more. I recommend using a dark themed resource pack. I've used the Pumpkin Patch resource pack while creating the map and taking screenshots.

I used custom trees and brushes from these pages:

Custom Tree Repository by lentebriesje
Fantasy Tree Repository by lentebriesje, thest0rmxt, Rumsey
Six Epic World Painter Custom Brushes by Jeracraft

Go explore their creations as well!
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07/24/2019 6:58 am
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This is awesome , I love make animation on that map its so amazing thanks you #firstsubscriber :)
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