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US Congressional History

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A newly begun project, where I intend to display the history of the membership of the United States Congress, starting in 1789 up to the present day.
This is a project I had worked on for a long time, and have recently restarted in an attempt to make it significantly more comprehendible and comprehensive.
I will continue to update this with each additional Congress as I continue to work on this project.
At the current rate I have been uploading a new Congress once every week or two, that rate may vary significantly and will probably take significantly longer the farther along I progress as the number of members of Congress increases with time.
Currently on a brief hiatus. Will probably resume sometime between late May and early July.

Currently Contains:
The 1st United States Congress (1789-1791)
The 2nd United States Congress (1791-1793)
The 3rd United States Congress (1793-1795)
The 4th United States Congress (1795-1797)
The 5th United States Congress (1797-1799)
The 6th United States Congress (1799-1801)

Electoral College votes from the 1788 Presidential Election
Electoral College votes from the 1792 Presidential Election
Electoral College votes from the 1796 Presidential Election
Electoral College votes from the 1800 Presidential Election (And Contingent House Election Votes)

Information Sources:
…and Wikipedia
Progress5% complete

5 Update Logs

6th Congress & Presidential Election of 1800 : by Matto 02/21/2022 8:28:18 pmFeb 21st

Added the 6th US Congress and the Electoral College votes and Contingent House Election from the 1800 Presidential Election.
Also made several minor edits to various things, correcting typos, date errors, etc.
Made slight change to party info book for the Federalists and Republicans, giving a little bit more background on the origin of the term "Democratic-Republican" to refer to the old Republican party.

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