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USS Enterprise NCC-1701

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Two years so far on this vanilla, block by block, hand breaking, tear jerking, sweat...sweating build.  By myself from tons of blueprints, images, review of the entire Kirk classics in hopes of doing her some justice.

I used a resource pack named:  "DA-Revival_v1a.zip"  Got it on Cursed over a year ago, not sure if it has been updated, but this resource pack makes all pictures look like computer interfaces.  If you view it in just vanilla mode, you'll see wierd pictures everywhere, but if you have a resource pack that turns all pics into computer interfaces, then you're good to go.

All decks accessable via turbolift.

In the pics, you'll see a docking bay that I removed for my submission as I only wanted to present the Enterprise herself.

Jeffries Tubes included but not complete.

Main Saucer Engineering. 
Warp core. 
Secondary hull engineering. 
Deflector dish operations.
F-Deck with transporter rooms, med bays, crew quarters (not all complete, but many are furnished)
Cafe/Ball room (10 forward)
Warp nacelle engineering and warp coils
Shuttle bay - Shuttle bay operations
Over 20 decks to explore.

Still a work in progress, but it's getting there.

Share for pvp, blow it up....have fun!
Progress80% complete

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