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USS Lexington CV-2 | 1:1 scale Lexington class aircraft carrier

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USS Lexington CV-2 was a Lexington class aircraft carrier built for the United States Navy prior to the second world war. Originally designed as a battlecruiser, she and her sister Saratoga were chosen for conversion to comply with the terms of the Washington naval treaty. Originally commissioned in 1927, she would have 8 8 inch guns, the largest ever put on an aircraft carrier. In 1938 she was refitted to feature a wider flight deck at the bow. On December 5th, 1941 she departed pearl harbor for wake island but her mission was cancelled after pearl harbor was attacked. Shortly before the battle of the coral sea, she had her 8 inch guns removed and replaced with (I think) 40mm guns. During the battle, she and the aircraft carrier Yorktown were tasked with keeping the Japanese away from the Australian mainland. Lexington would suffer a bomb hit but would make it through. Unfortunately her fuel lines were ruptured during the battle and after the battle she would suffer a massive explosion and be rendered incapable of flight operations. She was later scuttled on the 8th of may.

In 1942, Essex class aircraft carrier USS Cabot was renamed Lexington mid-construction in honor of the lost carrier.
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