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USS-Picasso | Star Trek

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iPanic avatar iPanic
Level 26 : Expert Engineer
USS-Picasso - NCC-21904 - Ambassador Class | Star Trek

This is my new project, an Ambassador Class (first seen in ST:TNG S3 "Yesterday's Enterprise"). This ship is a heavy cruiser, prototyped in the late 23rd century, and launched into service in the early 24th century as a heavier, beefier, and much needed upgrade to the Excelsior class which was commonly used throughout the fleet. While this ship is thought to have been a test-bed for many Galaxy Class features and technology, the Ambassador more closely relates the tech of the TMP era. Albeit introducing the first phaser strips into a widely produced starship class. The Ambassador would go on to see it named "Enterprise" after a successful run of prototype ships and production models being used in active service. Later in life, seeing it's last major retrofit, the Ambassador would defend the Federation during the Dominion War, engaging in several key battles before being phased out of service in lieu of refitted Galaxy Class, Odyssey Class and Ross Class starships.

The ship is named Picasso, in reference to the Ambassadors very blue appearance (How insightful, I know lol).

As for the build, it's currently seeing the entire hull being sorted before work begins. As it stands the ship is 850 blocks long, 40 decks tall, features 11 phasers, 4 torpedo launchers, and full complement of shuttles and runabouts for exploration. The hull uses a custom mod to perfectly color match to the original Ambassador and Yamaguchi filming models used in ST:TNG and ST:DS9.

While downloads are a ways away, you can come visit the in-progress build at any time discord.gg/neYrd7AMMu
CreditCreepyRobot, Martini__Glass, Queen_Curie, BirchyBo1, and Droid
Progress20% complete

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by iPanic 08/29/2021 7:40:01 pmAug 29th, 2021

Small update;

Added some new photos of the ship mirrored, as well as some new interior shots of Queen_Curies amazing engineering section work. Lots of progress to come!

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05/15/2021 12:50 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Creeper_kidd avatar
how do I download the map???
05/15/2021 4:05 am
Level 26 : Expert Engineer
iPanic avatar
I'll have a download once it's completed so you have a full ship to explore :)

If you wanted to check it out while we build it you can visit us on the TrekCraft server!
05/03/2021 5:57 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
Elvie avatar
04/26/2021 7:02 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
costychispers avatar
that looks great
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