USS Zumwalt DDG-1000 (1.5:1)

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USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) is a guided missile destroyer of the United States Navy. She is the lead ship of the Zumwalt class and the first ship to be named after Admiral Elmo Zumwalt.[​10][​11] Zumwalt has stealth capabilities, having a radar cross-section similar to a fishing boat despite her large size.[​12] On 7 December 2015, Zumwalt began her sea trial preparatory to joining the Pacific Fleet.[​13] The ship was commissioned in Baltimore on 15 October 2016.[​4] Her home port is San Diego, California.

This build is at the scale of 1.5:1, Please give credit to me for the design.
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09/25/2020 8:11 pm
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Great work Laffey, love it.
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