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Valley Village Homestead

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Welcome to The Ol' Valley Village Homestead
This is a little thing i whipped up when i felt like it
The Creation is a Small Homestead Village Built inside a valley surrounded by giant mountains and lava
I have Created a Story to Go Along with It
Take a gander

You can use this world in anything you want but DO NOT claim it's your or take IT

Diamond Up if u LIKE ^.^

======Creation of the Homestead========

It was an normal day surviving in the hot fiery nether. Surviving Giant Shooting Ghasts to Pigs that looked like MAN. Until One day the small tribe decided that enough was enough. They abandoned they camps and decided to explore the Nether and after many months of living on rotting flesh only a few remained......

They Then Found the NETHER PORTAL!!!
""Woah, Is this our ticket to getting out of here" One Said.
The group of people walking through and what they saw was stunning!

Once they got spit out of the portal they saw Giant Looming mountains all around keeping them in a little valley.
But there was ONE problem, the ground was bare of no grass and there were very little trees inside the valley but they decided to settle here gladly!

A few days later they decided to bring some lava from the Nether For heat and light.
They did cut down the trees and were able to get some saplings and wood
They planted the saplings and crafted tools and blocks with it
But soon they realized it was still not safe on the ground
Monsters would appear from the ground and chase them with the intent to kill
The few Tribe Members Decided to Plant ONE HUGE TREE with their last few saplings
Luck Had turned around and the tree was able to support itself even if parts where cut
With Lots of extra wood on hand they were able to build giant skyhouses in the air with the mountains to support them
Though one more problems Arose

They people of the Village were getting Hungry and the River that Cut through was also trying up bringing famine to the Tribe. Then one day a Lone tribe member was sent up the mountain in search for water
Though there was lots of snow up there it was not enough to keep the village going.
Until one day he found some ice and shattered it
The Ice Created a giant water fall which led to the river and filled it up

Soon Later the river water was able to support the FARM and another waterfall was even discovered so the village had endless water! Though the people were getting unhappy because there was a problem
Winter Had Struck

With many of the reserves still existed and the water flow still flowing they were Very cold
Though they had lava to keep them warm it was not enough
They needed armor to keep warm
Until a Group Of villagers went near the mountain and decided to dig

What they found changed everything

They found a HUGE cave filled with Ore and Coal

They informed the tribe and a mine was built to dig up the ore
With the new ore there were able to build a bridge over the river and craft armor and lava Lamps
And one of them discovered to create GOLEMS which would protect Them at night so they no longer had to worry

Everything was good and one day the WHOLE tribe built a Shrine for the Nether Portal for future generations and made a big lava fall behind it to always keep them warm
They all Lived Happily Ever After


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