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Anoria, a Fantasy Adventure Open World Map

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This project has been discontinued for now, read till the end to find out more.

What is Anoria?

Anoria is a project we have been working on the past one and a half years. A unique, fantasy-styled world, inspired by TV shows and games such as World of Warcraft or Game of Thrones (full inspiration list, later on). This whole world was supposed to be released on a server, but the project is being discontinued for now, so we decided to release the map.
Anoria, a Fantasy Adventure Open World Map Minecraft Map

So, what is the lore of Valoria.
Valoria is a continent, home to 7 unique races(6 of them planned to be playable), each with its own culture, architecture, beliefs and war tactics. These races are split into 3 factions. The first faction is called the Alliance. Forged in dire times by the Humans, Dwarves and Wood Elves, the Alliance is made so that they defend themselves against a looming threat, the Dark Empire. The Dark Empire has by its side the Orcs, Goblins and Dark Elves, their goal, to conquer the whole continent and ensure the survival of their species. The third faction are the Undead, who are sworn to end all life in the continent.

Can we know more about the playable races?
As stated earlier, each race has its own unique features and all their details can not be explained in a few paragraphs, but basically:

The Humans are your stereotypical sword-shield wielding knights. They control the biggest part of the continent, spreading their influence wherever they can. Their religion is focused around the Light and its unlimitless power.Anoria, a Fantasy Adventure Open World Map Minecraft Map

The Dwarves have their cities underground. They can survive many years without needing to head outside of their cities, making them almost impossible to siege, but have decided to take action and join the Alliance. Their religion revolves around the Mountain and generally the Earth.
Anoria, a Fantasy Adventure Open World Map Minecraft Map

The Wood Elves live inside their magical forests. Their close relations with nature shaped their entire culture in a way that everything they do, has to do with nature, like their religion.

The Orcs centered around strenght and pride, live at the hostile lands called Boiling Barrens. Their harsh living conditions has made their culture center around the lines: "The strong prevail whereas the weak fall". Their religion is based upon the 4 elements, earth, water, air, fire, with fire being banned for being able to corrupt its user.

The Dark Elves live inside dense jungles. Their culture is based on predatorial practices. They can be seen primal and brutal in the eyes of the rest of the races, but they certainly have a place inside the Dark Empire. Their religion is based on blood sacrifices and rituals.

Lastly, we have the Goblins who also live inside mountains and caves. They have the unique feature of not being able to be corrupted mentally, allowing them to be able to control fire. This along with the ability to control earth has granted them the ability to control raw magma, without having to believe in any particular religion.
*Images not available yet*

So what would the gameplay look like?
We tried creating a more vanilla feel when playing on the server. There is no leveling system. Stats are shaped by the player's items. All players have access to all items. There are no classes. Instead we have a race system. Each race has slightly different stats, as well as 2 unique abilities, unlocked through hitting certain milestones. Based on their abilities, some races are suggested in fulfilling certain roles, but every race can play any role (Tank, Ranged Damage Dealer etc). Players are given items, by buying them, earning them from bosses, completing quests and ultimately, completing dungeons. Dungeons being an instanced world, with much stronger enemies and much better rewards.There will also be worldPvP as well as PvP rewards.
Each item name has a different colour based on its rarity and worth. The rarities are with order: Trash, Common(in white), Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and more planned for the future.
Some loot examples can be seen on this imgur gallery : https://imgur.com/a/w60ShBW

Where did your inspirations come from?
We have had many ideas from many games and made this wonderful mess. I will be giving one example from each game/show/whatever.
To the fans of World of Warcraft, this gate needs no introduction *insert Orgrimmar music*:
The Lonely Mountain and the Gates of Erebor from Lord of the Rings:
The No Mans Land from the Witcher III carried over in the war of the Alliance and the Dark Empire:
*Not yet made*
Although not an Ice Wall, the whole undead at our walls theme from Game of Thrones can be seen here:
A bandit camp looking like it came from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:
Taken some Shuriman style ruins from League of Legends and put them at the desert:
The swamp and the witchery taken from Drakensang Online:

One of the many tropical islands you would normaly find in Sea of Thieves:
World of Warcraft in particular has had the most influence on the server. Here are two more pictures, I couldn't resist :)
Sand Troll Ruins

About the dungeons...
There are currently two instanced worlds ready. You will not find these dungeons inside the map, they were supposed to be seperate worlds. If you want to see them, you will need to download them seperately. The worlds will be available shortly.

Catacombs of Crownsfield:https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-catacombs-of-crownsfield-an-anoria-dungeon/
The Catacombs of Crownsfield, are overrun by the undead inside them, raised by powerful Necromancers, the players are to put an end to them.

The Siege of Nymfhill:https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-siege-of-nymfhill-an-anoria-dungeon/
The Sand Elves have been preparing something inside the Abandoned City once called Nymfhill. A small squad of players will enter the City while it is under attack, using the siege as a cover to find out what is going on and maybe even defeat the Sand Elf King.

Is this server going to be available sometime soon?
Unfortunatelly the server has been discontinued for now. We have decided to release the map without the quests, but we might release the quest version if enough people seem to care. Similarly, if this map get enough traction, we will consider to continue our work on releasing the server.

Anything to know before I download this map?
First and foremost, you will need to keep in mind that this map was made with the intent of becoming an MMO server. Some builds might not make perfect sense thematically. Futhermore, there will be no coordinates for anything built since there are many things to see. Most builds can be found using the map's roads and sign system, but you can use the map seen above to guide yourself around.
Secondly, you will need to install Optifine and the Conquest texture pack for 1.12. This map was designed with those installed and some parts could not make sense if not installed correctly. The Conquest of the Sun shaders are recommended but not required. If you want the NPCs as well, you will need to install forge and download the CustomNPCs mod for 1.12.2. I would also recommend downloading the Ambient sounds mods for an added touch of detail. Links are given at the credits.

Disclaimer:Using this map in any of your own maps or servers is allowed, but must include a link of this post, if uploaded anywhere online and also a sign giving credit inside the server/map it self.
Videos and pictures of this map
do not require any kind of credit, but we would appreciate if you would credit us.

Now for our turn to credit some amazing people, we have:
The creator of Optifine, sp614x, as well as the creator of Conquest, Monsterfish, for helping me create this map with their beautiful textures.
Recommended Shaders:https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/2404719-conquest-of-the-sun_-shaderpack-based-on-chocapic
Next we have the creator of the mod CustomNPCs, Noppes. Without him this whole project wouldn't be possible(even though I wasn't able to release the server I still appreciate the potential this mod has).
Lastly we have to thank the Minecraft Building community for these amazing builds they have posted online, some inspiring us for a build, others straight up getting copied by us. Most of the creators were meant to be given credit by being NPCs, while others simply have a sign on them, showing the name of the creator. If the NPC version comes out, you might be able to see them.

Progress70% complete

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