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Varecea 6k x 4k Conquest Reforged Survival Map

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Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
***Map created for Conquest Reforged Mod 1.12.2***

6k by 4k map created for the Conquest Reforged Mod. It consists of plains, sea cliffs, mountains, fjords, a desert and a large river. Please use how you will, but please link to this page any works created using it. I desired to create a survival-friendly conquest reforged map complete with underground caves and different rock layers using World Painter. The ores spawning is similar to regular minecraft, but the veins are generally larger although more scarce. If playing on survival I recommend beginning with a full collection of saplings and seeds, as well as sugar cane as I have not hand placed these. There are a few small details I will be fixing in the future, but WP export time is 23 hours and there are about 50 custom layers and materials to export. This is my first WP map.

Special credit to Nostrix for all of the trees used in the pack. Link here:


Please note this is still a work in progress.

Progress90% complete
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