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ReSEALence avatar ReSEALence
Level 5 : Apprentice System
Important: You MUST download both Forge and the Techguns mod for 1.12.2 to play this survival map; it is unplayable without these mods (well, not technically, but still...)

https://files.minecraftforge.net/ (recommended version)

Also, consider increasing your in-game render distance to 8 chunks or above; while designing the map, I greatly spaced out the torches to follow, and I could still mostly see them at 8.

Welcome to another map by ReSEALence, this time featuring dedicated survival tactics facilitating up to four players! Traverse a plains biome at night as you use what is provided you and sheer teamwork to combat mobs and reach each saferoom!

I plan on designing many more of these types of maps. Leave feedback as to what I may improve upon, and consider giving it an emerald!

(Edit: they're diamonds, not emeralds)

(Edit #2: A tip is to save multiple copies of the map to allow for replay; simply copying and pasting the .zip file several times. Not sure if anyone has thought of this, figured it would be helpful to some tho...)
CreditCredit to the creator of Techguns, and, of course, to the Minecraft dev team!
Progress100% complete

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