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Vesaathi HSB-4-class bomber

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Programs used:
Minecraft (for building)
Mcedit (for building)
Blender (for renders)
Paint.net (for pictures)

Technical Specifications
Vesaathi HSB-4-class bomber Minecraft Map

Vesaathi HSB-4-class bomber Minecraft Map

Vesaathi HSB-4-class bomber Minecraft Map

The Vesaathi HSB-4-class was a heavy strike craft developed by Kualin Stardrives and Syvatii Unlimited as part of a contract with the GACIAF administration's ASCAT program, an extension of ASTSI under the AFEMI Initiative which continued to push for both updated models of existing ships and new designs able to meet the always increasing activities of GACIAF's forces. The Vesaathi-class was Kualin Stardrive's bid for the Docuicc design competition, section Nori 9.02.35-Tes, which wanted a heavy strategic bomber able to, with limited support by strike craft, destroy fortified locations and opponents independently. GACIAF officers and management listed many technical needs, including minimum FTL speeds, sublight acceleration, space for ordnance, accommodations to support extended operations, various defensive and offensive capabilities, and more. Kualin Stardrives, Senirila Starships, Cyxtess Technologies, and Zenlian Drives all ended up as finalists in the competition, with the S505 'Tanact' given particular attention by GACIAF for its mobility and ease of maintenance - eventually though, Kualin Stardrives was given the contract with the Vesaathi-class, due to the ship's payload capacity and multiple innovative systems to defend itself in an attack. The company conducted almost all of the development of the Vesaathi-class on the Tuan Shipyard, taking advantage of the GACIAF sites close by to have quick access to the technologies and staff that Syvatii Unlimited dedicated in support. Testing was completed in secure GACIAF systems, with the development concluding in 48,899 ACT.

The Vesaathi-class was almost completely designed to attack heavy targets, and thus lacked maneuverability compared to other GACIAF strike craft, and even some TAUFOG strike craft. The ship had three ion thrusters, a Syvatii PATIL 55t-Nac model as primary and two 45t-Vas models as secondary thrusters. Due to the size of the structure and quantity of ordnance in the Vesaathi-class it could not match speeds achieved by GACIAF's most up-to-date dedicated strike craft such as the Scyla, but the ship did have higher acceleration than the Caon-class interceptor, and could outpace any TAUFOG strike craft and most capital ships in a straight line. This was advantageous as a bomber, making it difficult to escape the Vesaathi-class. Paired with two rating 4.1.48 FTL drives, one primary and one secondary, the Vesaathi-class could quickly move to a new position mid-combat and set up passes on opponents from the ideal angle.

One of the Vesaathi-class' most important systems were its two Syvatii CCEA T770-23 anti-fighter beam turrets, placed above and below the primary thruster at the aft of the hull. These weapons had a high output and small cooldowns between bursts, and with the sensors and tracking systems on the Vesaathi-class they could easily cut strike craft chasing the bomber to pieces. Both turrets could also be elevated to gain a full 360 degree view above and below the ship, although in this state some accuracy was lost due to increased transfer of vibrations from the hull to the turrets - Kualin and Syvatii engineers attempted to dampen oscillations but could not get the same stability when the extension mechanism was extended. Nonetheless, this ability was useful if crews wanted to add extra fire against a ship when strafing, or to pick off intercepting fighters coming in at the front of the Vesaathi-class. The design also had two standard laser cannons, the CEIA/H 90240-01, as well as two heavy laser cannons, Syvatii's BD-21 'Odessa' models, the latter of which was intended to be used against capital ships while the former added some capability in strike craft combat. The Vesaathi-class' main weapons were its missiles and torpedoes, which the craft could carry hundreds of to deploy against any opponent.

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