Visigothic Church-San Pedro De Nave

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San Pedro de la Nave ("St. Peter of the Nave") is an Early Medieval church in the Zamora, Spain. It is in the locality El Campillo in the municipal unit of San Pedro De La Nave. It was originally built somewhere else, but moved in the modern day due to a flood. The church is of architectural interest and is being considered for World heritage Site status along with nine other Mozarabic sites. It is currently on a "tentative list".
The traditional interpretation is that the church foundation goes back to the reign of Egica in the seventh century, having been built between 680 and before the Muslim of Hispania in 711; San Pedro de la Nave would thus be one of the last works of Visigothic Architecture . However, the most recent archaeological studies have proven it to be not Visigothic, but Mozarabic (so, 9th century or 10th century in date).

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