Volcano modern redstone house

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Hello, today i present my 3 months project: a volcano side modern redstone house, I tried to keep i realistic while keeping it "Minecraft" and volcano styled,i'am planning to expand it into a town, if u have any ideas, let me know.
Don't forget to leave a heart and diamond and thx:)

Q: Where did u got the map?

A:I thought I need to download the JVM from oracle to get world painter until someone on discord told me about an OpenJDK
The person who made the mountain map said he's fine if I built on it then reposted with my creation on it.
(Euclides used that mountain island map for his redstone bunker build)

Q: Why it took so long?

A: Because I was busy playing on Minecraft servers but when I realized how much time it took, I challenged myself to stop playing on Minecraft servers and finish the house, and also, building maps like that is harder than it looks.

Note:the mountain island map is not my property, but the house and redstone is, should he request me to delete the map,I will rebuild the house in a custom map created by me using world painter.

P.S: if my first map ever uploaded,if I did I mistake that could get me in trouble, let me know, also, if I get enough good feedback and i'am sure I won't get copyright claimed,i'll upload it into youtube:).

Credit for redstone contraptions goes to their original creators.

Texture pack:Creatorpack by creatorlabs:www.planetminecraft.com/texture-pack/creatorpack/

What do u want me to build next?
Let me know:).

Map download:www.mediafire.com/file/0cj20i1wlsx2ato/2020-08-10_08-19-35_volcano+Mountain+Redstone+Island.zip/file
Progress100% complete
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