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Waterfront Town, Ivytt

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avatar Dystopian Utahraptor
Level 19 : Journeyman Dragon
In an attempt to play around with a few mods and add to Bermudan lore, me and a team of close friends I've been building with for years decided to start on one of the other towns on that infamous map.

Ivytt is a fishing town run by the Anarchic City-State of N'Ra, some ways east of Yggdrasil and passed the Restonia Legacy desert. As expected, its primary source of income and export is fishing, so its docks and harbors are large. They also cater to the ferries for other cities across the ocean. They have grown considerably over the years to incorporate other crops and have one of the largest farmer's markets in the area.

So far, Ivytt sports the main square [Sacred Earth Square], which has a Sacred Oak as its centerpiece and a community garden. The only requirement to use the garden, which is open to everyone, is that you replant what you take so others may partake as well. Businesses along this stretch have outdoor counters as well as indoors, save for the Sacred Earth Inn, which is the largest and most accommodating inn in the town. Other businesses include Ambrosia Tavern and Grill, Gary's Game and Hunting Supply, Orin's Fishing Supply, Leaven-ly Bakery, and Waterside Fishery [which sports the lovely albeit ironic fish tank].

We were hoping to have this mostly done before Halloween and decorate the main thoroughfares with harvesty autumnal decor, but we had a conflict with one mod for a while and had to fix that first. As one can imagine, Harvest Time and All Soul's are the town's favorite season/holidays.
Onward still, I'll update as we do!

Mods Used
-Biomes O' Plenty
-Pam's Harvestcraft
-Cooking for Blockheads
-Immersive Engineering
-Lycanite's Mobs
-Xaeros Minimap

Texturepack is Thistlepack's WolfhoundAutumn
CreditBrigandine, SiberBurr, DariMalari, VladiButt, Ganoni
Progress15% complete

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