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Weathershield-class Fast Combat Support Ship

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[Description Version 2 because Control and Shift are placed way too close to each other on a keyboard for something that needs lots of capital "W's".]

I'm back with another build neither in space or the air. I've probably mentioned my love for logistics ships quite a few times, so finally have one. This was meant as a modernized version of the excellent Supply-class fast combat support ships of the US Navy Military Sealift Command, and promoted itself from side project to main focus for a few days. I included the world for this one in case you're interested in seeing an FCC (courtesy of summer sea) and Zama UTS Navy Greyhill-class heavy missile cruiser get UNREPed and VERTREPed. I'm not really interested in finishing the interior for this one, but you never know. Also if anyone has a better technique for making wakes other than making a basic expanding rectangle out the stern and murdering it with a high-noise MCEdit brush, please let me know.


Class: Weathershield-class
Type: Fast Combat Support Ship (Designation AOE)
Manufacturer: Poseidon Shipbuilding (Blackiron Naval Yards)
First Commissioned: 5/11/2006
Length: 285m
Width: 45m
Height: 67m
  • 1 Trojan Technologies Mk5/50 5-inch Gun Turret
  • 48 Mk42 VLS Cells Capable of Holding RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow Anti Ship Missiles, BGM-109T Tactical Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, or Mk17 Mod 3 Anti-Submarine Rockets (ASROC)
  • 5 Vulcan Phalanx CIWS Gun Systems
  • 10 Browning M2HB .50 caliber Machine Guns
Top Speed: 28 kn
Powerplant: 4 Zephyr Industries CV49GT Gas Turbine Engines (49,000 HP)
Propulsion: 3 shafts connected to 4-bladed controllable pitch propellers.
Displacement: 67,000 Metric Tons
Commissioned Ships:
  • SNS Weathershield (AOE-16)
  • SNS Aeridale (AOE-17)
  • SNS Obsidian Peaks (AOE-18)
  • SNS Mount Jackson (AOE-19)
  • SNS Drydalk (AOE-20)
Crew: 450 (420 enlisted, 30 officers)
Maximum Range: 10,000 nautical miles including cargo oil.
Cost: $3.3 billion SD
Cargo Capacity:
  • Marine Diesel Fuel: 2,200,000 gallons
  • JP-5 Aviation Fuel: 2,725,630 gallons
  • Ordnance/Dry Cargo: 3,000 tons
  • Refrigerated Goods: 450 tons
  • Bottled Gas: 200 bottles
  • Water: 15,000 gallons
Auxiliary Vehicles:
  • 2 CH-49 Pelican Heavy Utility Helicopters
  • 6 Poseidon Mk4 Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats

While the United Territories of the Skylords is mostly known for its expansive Air Navy and Space Fleet, its normal navy is just as impressive. Keeping its eight carrier strike groups operating around the world are five fast combat support ships. The Weathershield-class was born out of a program to replace the aging yet versatile Mount Jacobs-class vessels, and ended up very visually similar with modern naval characteristics. Being a fast combat support ship, it is almost as well armed as some normal combatant vessels, including a 5" cannon and 48 missile cells. Due to thin armor, the weapons are meant as a last resort primarily, although the SNS Weathershield and SNS Drydalk both fired Tomahawks at ISIS targets while replenishing UTSN CSG 8. This is not recommended, however. The deep draft also prevents it from transiting all but the deepest canals, hence the prepositioning of two per hemisphere, with one in reserve and currently deployed in the Persian Gulf. With a large cargo capacity, fast and efficient engines, and heavy armament, the Weathershield has been lauded as an excellent replacement for the Mount Jacobs, and are expected to serve the UTS Navy on Earth and beyond for many years.

Almost all Sealift Command operations occur on Earth, as do most UTS naval operations in general, with the Space Fleet handling most off-world operations and no opportunities presented yet for any planetary invasions that might require the deployment of sea power. Two ships, the Obsidian Peaks and Aeridale, however, have seen combat off of this world as part of the massive UTS naval contribution to Operation Free Will, the final push to destroy the aggressive parallel Imperial Territories of the Skylords on an alternate Earth. In an impressive display of Skylord logistics, over one hundred Navy ships were transported through multiple natural and artificial portals, some overland, to specified locations on the alternate Earth. Spearheaded by the IRS Aeneas, a ship that after being sent back in time accidentally ended up in the wrong universe trying to go home and was now the only surviving ship of the Imperial Roman Navy, the operation started with amphibious assaults on Japan and other Pacific islands while the Aeneas and escorts sailed away to inspire a revolution among the occupied peoples of the globe-spanning ITS. As the UTS force, accompanied by the Coracian Navy, which broke out of its ITS-occupied port after being spared due to surrender, and the vast submarine force of New Broadshire, which hid under the polar ice caps laden with supplies, ravaged the numerous but thinly spread ITS naval and air naval forces, UTS Marines invaded the continent of Minecraftia at Blackwater Bay, site of a previous attempt by Roman, Shogunate, and Americati forces to stop the ITS's invasion by attacking. UTS military forces concentrated on the mainland ITS while UTS-supplied resistance forces seized ammunition dumps and military stores from their occupiers, taking largely preserved equipment from their own nations. Within a month, Americati Army M1 Abrams tanks blasted the ITS out of the capital city of Columbia and formerly shattered Roman legions ripped down the flag of their masters and raised the eagle once again. A month later, UTS forces reached the capital of New Mistral, supported by several Titan-class battleships and even the SNS Obsidian Peaks, which shelled multiple ITS positions, and after a week of intense urban combat, the ITS surrendered. Their objective complete, the UTS withdrew, leaving the newly freed world to its own devices. Both Weathershield-class ships served with great distinction as they kept the huge force constantly supplied, including going back and forth between vulnerable portals for their own refills, and engaged enemy forces on their own. The SNS Aeridale earned the first battle star in Military Sealift Command history after single-handedly shooting down two ITS Rapier-class destroyers attempting to outflank an amphibious assault group. The Obsidian Peaks earned its own during the battle for New Mistral, and is now being considered for a new program to mount railguns on nontraditional platforms. Poseidon Shipbuilding has been contacted by representatives of the American, Americati, Shogunate, and Roman navies and the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force, all interested in procuring several of these deepwater replenishment machines.
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