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Werewolfs at Lower East Side

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avatar LES-Perrin
Level 2 : Apprentice Network


Werewolfs at Lower East Side is a city inspired by the real district of New York City. It's also inspired by the Werewolfs of Millers Hollow. It means that you can play the game on the map. There is two teams: the villagers(composed of villagers and others classes) and the Werewolfs. A party end when every villagers are killed by the Werewolfs or when the time is over(after 18 minutes). Our game also works with a day and night system which involve bonuses and equipment. The reachable parts of the map are fully furnished. You can hide yourself as a villager everywhere on the playable part of the map.

We are a french team and we make many mistakes with our english. We are sorry in advance.


Jour : Day / Nuit: night / Villageois-sorcière-chasseur-cupidone: game classes
Premier: first / Deuxième: second / Troisième: third

Spoiler - click to reveal

Spoiler - click to reveal

Actual Card
red part: 3 ~ 7 players
purple part: 8 ~ 16 players
other parts are only decorations at the moment and are finished yet

Other information
The main part of the project is finished, but there is still a lot of works. We have to finish the decoration part of the map. We are also working on new classes and their balancing. A chest with loots is also coming soon. If you want to join us, contact us on private message or at : "[email protected]".

Special thanks to our Lower East Side's team:
corentin « leconquistador », game system
clément « petiyourght37 », decoration
perrin « chipowa », building

hicham « hicham », beta tester
jules « blocktofu », beta tester
leo, « leo3000 », beta tester
thibault « autruches », decoration
mathis « Vicmo », decoration
florian « flodcn », decoration
aymeric « skanlette », decoration

Thank you as well to you, dear members of planet minecraft !

Progress100% complete

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