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Westeros: The Map of Ice and Fire

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PixelQuests avatar PixelQuests
Level 29 : Expert Architect
This is my Westeros project.

The map is about 64,000 x 28,000 blocks in size and was created with WorldPainter, where this project began in October 2021. Now the terrain of the map is fully finished.
The project is using the WesterosCraft texturepack and mods.

Now that the terraforming is done I will start building the castles, cities and all the other settlements of the Seven Kingdoms. I will decide on to use the book-version or a show-version of a location just by what I think looks best. For an example I like the book-Eyrie better than the show one and I like the show-Winterfell better than the book one.

currently under construction:
- Dragonstone (50% complete)
- Winterfell (90% complete)
- Seagard (75% complete)
- Karhold (60% complete)
- King's Landing (5% complete)

+++ concerning downloads +++
The download link is for a first sample of the map, including the northern half of the continent, terrain only. If you want to download follow the link and send me a dm for the 7zip/winrar-password and then I will share it with you. There is a more detailed installation guide attached to the world file in the ordner you downloaded. Enjoy this first sample.
There will be a seperate download link for Winterfell and the surrounding region soon. Check that one out here:

For the point of time inside the project I will take up the end of HBO's Season 1 of House of the Dragon.

For any other informations feel free to send me a DM or to leave a comment here. Enjoy the content!
Progress25% complete

38 Update Logs

Update #38 : by PixelQuests 02/26/2023 7:51:12 amFeb 26th

- finished Winterfell with all the surrounding lands
- made some progress on King's Landing

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06/03/2023 4:17 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
abugariu31 avatar
Hola, es posible descargar el mapa sin estructuras? Me encanta el mapa y quisiera intentar recrear algunas de las zonas de "Juego de Tronos" por mi mismo
04/27/2023 1:18 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
chapa223 avatar
Hi! How is the project progressing?
04/28/2023 8:36 am
Level 29 : Expert Architect
PixelQuests avatar
slowly at the moment. I am very busy with university and I am currently re-doing some larger parts of the terrain
01/15/2023 3:45 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
i73 avatar
Hello! I really enjoy the progression of the map. I understand this is a difficult question but when would you estimate the whole map is complete? A year? Less? If the project will ever be finished ofc! I hope so atleast. Tbh I cannot wait for a full release bc this project seems so well done and much better than other Westeros maps.
01/15/2023 4:35 pm
Level 29 : Expert Architect
PixelQuests avatar
first of all thank you for the praise. I don‘t have a deadline or intend to give me one, because I enjoy the building process very much. But I try to do the major locations first as you might have noticed, but there are so many settlements described in the books… it might keep me busy forever. But now that I think about I would assume to have finished all the major locations within 2 years. But only time will tell, for an example I‘ve progressed on Winterfell very very fast (the castle is about 350x100 blocks in size) and there might be times where the prgress slows down or is even faster. Maybe that answer helped and I will keep y‘all up to date
01/03/2023 11:43 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
Moozeyman avatar
Hello, is there a way to download this as it is right now? I am curious as to how many castles are finished and am curious as to if it is survival friendly. And if I can download is it available for MCPE?
01/03/2023 3:46 pm
Level 29 : Expert Architect
PixelQuests avatar
there is no download for the newest version at the moment as there is not a single project finished as of right now... to be fair I started with two major ones with Winterfell and Dragonstone.

The map is definitely not survival friendly, because there are no ores. It is also not available for MCPE as the modpack is not supported.
12/24/2022 12:30 pm
Level 27 : Expert Theorist
eojpuerte avatar
love the map! is it possible that i get the mep before you start the builds? me and my friends would love to build on this amazing map
12/24/2022 2:56 pm
Level 29 : Expert Architect
PixelQuests avatar
I have a back-up with only the terrain - update on download will come in January, I have to figure some things out
12/25/2022 3:28 am
Level 27 : Expert Theorist
eojpuerte avatar
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