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Where the Dragons went

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Didn't have time to build much as I've been quite busy. So I aimed for something simple.
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Comments and Criticism much appreciated.

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Excerpt from Calcimo Meridius' "Compendium of Creatures Ancient and Mysterious":

on Dragons:

"Dragons, or to be more specific; Greater Dragons (see page 549 for notes on the common Wyvern) have a most peculiar history. We have documented evidence of their existence and many reports on their activities, so their existence can not be questioned. However. There is one mystery that still surrounds them. If they truly did exist, where are they?
Why are they no longer here? Where did they go? And, most importantly, if they died - what happened to the bodies?
Some of these questions are still a mystery to us. But recent research into the events leading up to and beyond the established date when the dragons were presumed to have disappeared have been studied in depth and we now believe we have clues which hold an answer.

It was the Second Age of Men. The war at the end of the first age had cost our race dearly, but the cost to the Fey had been greater. The First Age had been brutal, a time of war and conquest. There are no documentations of when the first age begin and most accounts of that age are in the sagas and epics of that age, which are hardly historically fact. We were entering a time of peace. Clan feuds had settled and towns and cities were beginning to appear across the land. We had the beginnings of a road and trade network. Politics were still very feudal, but now were less likely to involve axes.

This age lasted some 180 - 250 years (dates for such events are never precise) and was, for the most part, peaceful. In this time the Greater Dragons were seen. Unlike their modern brethren, these dragons measured up to 60 meters long, from snout to tail tip. Their wingspan was equally large too. We can, of course, not take these as fact since no actual attempt was made to measure one. So in reality they may have been much smaller, but we cannot say for sure.
They had of course, been seen before. Some of the earliest sagas tell of "Great Winged Beasts", "Shining serpents who did rain their curses down upon our lands". For that was one of the prominent features of these beasts, they wielded magic with uncanny ease. Magic, now a small but rich part of society, was unheard of in mortals at this time. It was not until the Third Age that magic became more abundant.

In the Third Age of Men, magicians and sorcerors started appearing. Most of them, coming from the North - the area now overruled by the Kindom of Tallia. When news of this spread to the other lords, there was considerable unease. All seemed to view this with considerable unease and all seemed to jump to the same radical conclusion. The Fey had returned. The precise method of return varied. Some presumed that the northerners had mated with Fey, others that they had allied and bartered with them. Some even thought that these mages were the Fey in disguise, taking on human form. In all the lands, anyone caught possessing the power was butchered. Although despite their efforts, there were more appearing than ever. This is when a council was called. All the Southern Lords were called to the audience of Thane Arland II, lord of the eastern frontier and protector of the southern defence. At this point there were no specific boundaries. Rich landowners merely bestowed titles upon themselves. Arland's father had been one such man, but Arland chose to expand his land and take reponsibilities upon himself. Since the assassination of his father by cultists and the burning of his hometown by bandits, he had sworn to protect the realm from any danger. At the time he owned the largest army of any of the lords and had been in thrice more battles than even the most experienced lord. The other lords respected and feared him, but what he now proposed made them question their loyalty. He was going to war.

Not any war though. What would follow would be the most vicious and heartless slaughter of any age. There was not a village that was razed to the ground, not a family spared. The wind of the North was acrid with the stench of roasting flesh, the pires of burnt bodies heaped upon the hillsides.
So as to provide a happy ending, you may like to know that Arland was stripped of his title and land upon his return. He was executed and his body thrown into the sea. With no-one to protect it, his castle and land fell into ruin and the land was soon infested with a thriving ogre and swamp goblin population.

Anyway, how is this related to Dragons? No-one thought so until a group of young researchers stumbled upon a text from Ancient Tallia (the Northlands invaded by Arland). It told of a meeting, a gift and of dragons. The text was not very specific and was half burnt so much of it is lost. But enough of it was there to be able to guide this team to a place up in the Northern Wastes, called Valharin Hollow. The expedition was dangerous as the northern wastes are full of wildmen, the descendants of the people invaded by Arland. They made it, at a loss to some of the members and bodyguards. In the valley they found a cave. It was small, but the markings on the wall told a magnificent story.

It was in pictograms, but clearly decipherable. It told of a Great Dragon, greater than any other, who came among them. One was chosen to go with the Dragon to Them (presumably other Greater Dragons). Upon his return he passed on the message he had been told: 'It is time for the race of men to take to this world. We thought you savages at first, but now we see you have in you the capacity to learn. We welcome you in as citizens of this world. We are leaving now, there are others who require our attention. But take this back to your people. Use it wisely and you shall prosper'. (for more on this story, read Valharin Hollow and the Origin of Magic)

From this we see the fate of the Greater Dragons. They passed on their gift to us and left, off to some other distant land. One thing it doesn't explain is where the bodies of the Great Dragons slaughtered in the First Age went. But I guess that is one thing we shall never know..."

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Many years later at a small mining station, of the eastern coast of Garinsdale...

"Steve! Steve!"
"What is it?!"
"We... *pant* we... Well, you know that mine..."
"Out with it. What about that mine?"
"Well it, er, collapsed and we... we found something. You might want to see this..."
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