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Who stole Grandma's cookies?! A holiday mega map by kimandjax

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kimandjax avatar kimandjax
Level 59 : Grandmaster Lego Builder
Who stole Grandma's cookies?!

A wholesome, family friendly holiday mega map lovingly presented to you by kimandjax

And here we are again guys, welcome!

I am practically hopping on the spot bursting with excitement and I'm beyond proud to present to you another one of my scavenger hunt maps!

Quite literally the biggest and most comprehensive solo build I have ever made in my entire Minecraft career, comprised of 63 million blocks and a radius of 300 - I have been so eager to gift this to you, the greater Minecraft community and share the fun I have had building this over the last 5 months.

So get comfy, grab a tasty snack and get ready to get lost in this unique city I have made just for you.


This holiday map has been created with the conscious decision to be non-denominational and encompass all walks of life, whether you celebrate Christmas or not - it really doesnt matter here.

This time of year is not about where you live or what you believe in. It does not matter if you are wealthy and live in a glitzy city or have a modest life and live in a cosy swamp - rich/poor, what you choose to believe in or not believe in or where ever you live in this diverse world - it is all about being with people you love or care about and appreciating those in your life.


To play is easy!

To play this map is simple, you can play on your own or play with friends. Search everywhere and find the 50 hidden cookies! But beware, this is a large map and can not be completed in one sitting.

You can even use this as a spawn or a map for your own server! Go for it! Just take down the decorations, I heard it's bad luck to keep them up after January 1st... sentiment_very_satisfied

I have packed every inch with so much to see, you'll find secrets, puzzles, mazes, secrets in secrets and alot of... hrrmm... questionable interior design... okay fine I admit it's not my strength okay!


mic Built live on Twitch on the worlds oldest potato PC (GTX960 w/ an i5) It sat in the corner of the room with me sweating bullets, basically on fire with an eye watering 95% CPU use, there are lots of quiet nods in the map towards those who supported me in stream (and encouraged me to buy a small fire extinguisher just incase)

flag The one and only Ikea Tower! My Pewdiepie Ikea submission to Reddit (that got burried and lost sadly) I didnt want to waste a nice build so instead I put really super mean parkour in it.

Epic jump pads so you can get your bearings and see the view from above!

pool 3 layers of the most disgustingly beautiful sewers you've ever seen before. Please do not drink the water!

swap_horizontal_circle I have door mazes, pressure plate mazes, sensory deprivation mazes, parkour mazes and even an actual boring old normal maze.

done A cheat sheet is available for those who wish to record or stream this map and want to plan their time spent here. Or if you're really just wanting the answers I can provide them too, no one is judging you! DM me and I'll send you the link.

How to get started!

Once you have downloaded this map, you can find the file in your Downloads folder.

Right click the file and copy it from the Downloads folder.

Hit the Start menu, search %appdata% and locate your .minecraft folder at the top.

In your .minecraft folder you'll see the "saves" folder.

Paste the world save here and you're good to launch Minecraft in 1.14.4!

Once you're in the game you'll need to run two commands:

First, type /function cookiehunt:admin/panel and click on Generate Scoreboard

Second, type /gamemode adventure

**Note: this datapack is not compatible with the Essentials plugin**


Map Creator: kimandjax

Datapack: mcpeachpies

Guest Builder: Monni_21
Guest Builder: theBluebaerry

Renders: Jossieboy

Pack Tester: ducksnake
Pack Tester: shaleninja

Guest Builder: usb_hub
Pack Tester: Korowil

Pack Tester: Funkiest_Saturn
Pack Tester: 0_Chameleon_0

Pack Tester: danipenguin
Tech support: jo_mamma75


It is so vitally important to acknowledge the above people. These are friends who took time out of their day to day life to help me furnish, polish, photograph and problem solve my way to this moment. Without them, I would not have been able to get this project across the finish line.


As always, please give appropriate credit if you wish to use this publicly.

Streaming and recording for YouTube is encouraged!

Be kind and pay it forward - Happy hunting!

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12/03/2021 3:59 pm
Level 23 : Expert Princess
MissC-YT avatar
I had a lovely time running through this map, though I did struggle to find many cookies Grandma would be sad. I did play around a bit more after recording a Christmas video and found more the entire map was amazing
12/06/2021 1:34 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Lego Builder
kimandjax avatar
Thank you very much for sharing this with me! You did a great job and that's a lovely video ♥
06/06/2020 4:46 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Blockhead
Mine Maus Craft
Mine Maus Craft avatar
Looks so beautiful, why didn't I see this earlier..
06/06/2020 6:30 pmhistory
Level 59 : Grandmaster Lego Builder
kimandjax avatar
You're here now and that's what counts. Thank you for your comment ♥
06/01/2020 6:36 pm
Level 23 : Expert Miner
Lucix avatar
Hello, this world has been discovered just few days ago and it is really amazing! I'm trying to find the cookies, even if I'm not so smart, anyway it is a pleasure to walk across the world and to inspect every corner. Great fantasy, that is so artistic!
06/01/2020 11:06 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Lego Builder
kimandjax avatar
Thank you so much for your kindness! I'm glad you have enjoyed walking aound the streets and taking in all the detail. It warms my heart to hear you appreciate it , thank you!
12/16/2019 2:27 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Crafter
Traswen avatar
Hello! Could we use this for an MCPE map? We will give all the credit to you and refer to this project in the description with a link!
12/16/2019 2:07 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Lego Builder
kimandjax avatar
Absolutely! Just send people to this submission and to my Twitter x Enjoy!!
12/15/2019 11:41 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Princess
TreeMarie avatar
Absolutely beautiful map! You're amazing!
12/16/2019 2:32 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Lego Builder
kimandjax avatar
Thank you Tree, that means alot to me xx
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