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Wild West Build by the ArtfulMelody Community

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ArtfulMelody's Avatar ArtfulMelody
Level 38 : Artisan Strawberry
This is a 1.17.1 Wild West build done by ArtfulMelody (https://www.twitch.tv/artfulmelody) and their community.

The map includes the following:

A cowboy town of guns and fun,
Bank heists,
A jailhouse,
A quarry,
Some horses and animals,
A big ol' train,

Many houses,
Many cowboys,
and many more secrets to find!

This was built on the AddstarMC server.
IP: mc.addstarmc.com.au

This map, images or videos of it should not be reposted on any site unless it has been modified and credit is given. If you post these images anywhere, please credit ArtfulMelody and their community.

We give permission to people to make this into an adventure map and reupload IF credit is given. If no credit is given, we will contact Planet Minecraft and ask them to take it down.

Credit goes to the ArtfulMelody community and all who worked on it:
(in no specific order)
18DarkMagic, Aftermath2502, ArtfulPippa, Arugu1a, Azaka7, BimBamOwO, BimBamUwU, CHICKEN____MAN, ChefhuntThyme, Cwosonts, F7NS, GalaxtaGaming, GamePsychotic, Hosterian, I_IsPotato, JustKorru, JustKorruThe2nd, Kirbatron45, KituKitten, Lop454545, MockMosquito685, NightCoreAlex, PhantomSystem, Rain_a_Pain, RainbowMix, Reindeeeer, Sketching_, That_Cat21, TinyTanium, Turtleawe, UniverseOfStar, _crossbow_, elli_alone, kalethemonster, midearthgamer, sncr, timeclova, zanenz
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