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Movecraft Mega Air Battleship - Amagi

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DoctorEckener's Avatar DoctorEckener
Level 43 : Master Engineer
This ship is my most complicated project so far. It flies and fights using the Movecraft plugin by BaccaYarro.


The Amagi was built to replace the IJN's flagship Taiho because the new fleet admiral was not satisfied with the morale impact of the carrier, saying that "the pride of the fleet isn't supposed to lie back behind the lines and run away if the enemy comes, but to be at the front and strike fear into the enemy". This kind of thinking has led the admiral to many dangerous situations and disfavor of his former superiors. Fortunately, he has started to realize the ship's weaknesses and proper spot at near the back of the lines after the sea trials where the Amagi could do a measly 27 knots. Despite the 150 000 horsepower engine and massive tail fins she has a very poor manouverability. She did get compliments for a very steady flight thanks to the belly cannons balancing her out. Her firepower was also unmatched by every ship of the day, surpassing even the Revenge and Warspite class battleships used by the Royal Navy. Time will tell is the Amagi is just another "wonder-weapon" that turns out being a waste of material, or if she will dominate all battlefields over air and land.


6x CST heavy scattershot turret, 3 fore, 3 aft.

4x PST turrets mounted on the belly. Note: can only be fired on the broadside.

80x anti-aircraft guns. 37 on each broadside, 4 on the bow, 2 aft.


1x Falcon, intented to be used for scouting.


The above story is purely based on a roleplay happening on a server, it has nothing to do with any actual historical event. The ship is quite large at 35k+, so if your server is not very powerful I wouldn't recommend flying it around too much.

If something doesn't work, please inform me either in the comments or a PM.

And lastly, if you liked the project, please consider leaving a diamond or even a favourite! Comments and feedback are also always appreciated.
CreditThanks to TylerS1066 for help with the armor and Alphaharrius for helping me make the belly guns work!
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by DoctorEckener 06/03/2016 10:56:16 amJun 3rd, 2016

Armor design completely redone, added fire breaks, fixed bugs.

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01/30/2017 8:45 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Fish
coolfish308's Avatar
In the airship pirates sever, If i got the funds to buy the ship, would i be able to fly it with its massive size? Even if i cant i still Love the ship!!!
07/24/2016 6:45 am
Level 36 : Artisan Sailor
Lordwells's Avatar
That's definitely Mega!
07/05/2016 6:18 am
Level 36 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
Maxxaka's Avatar
woah, a new super-big airship :o
06/02/2016 7:06 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
KevinC66's Avatar
It seems like belly turrets 3 and 4 are merging with some other blocks after being turned once. Other than that, amazing ship!
06/03/2016 10:17 am
Level 43 : Master Engineer
DoctorEckener's Avatar
Yeah, the problem is that the barrel of the turret hits the black stained clay near it. Simply remove that one block and
replace it with brown clay to make it turn again.

I will update the schematic once I get Schematica working again.
airship builder
04/18/2016 11:34 am
Level 27 : Expert Engineer
airship builder's Avatar
Nice!! I love the way the control tower looks
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