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Level 21 : Expert Artist
Enter a fast-paced mini-game with one objective: poison or be poisoned.

You have stumbled upon a damp, old hut, and the witch who owns it, Queezie, has offered an apprenticeship. However, her expectations are high, and only one can take the job. To prove your skills, you must brew 5 suspicious stews within 5 minutes that match a given list. Your sense of taste will also be tested as you will have to eat 1 out of 5 stews after a round of cooking. Just pick anything except the deadly Witch's Stew, or it's game over and you'll be dunked into Queezie's boiling cauldron!

Play singleplayer to see the highest score you can get, or play with a friend for bragging rights.
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- Randomized Dialogue
- Configurable Background Music (discs by C418)
- Configurable Game Lengths (3-5 rounds)
- Randomized Game Events
- Animated Tutorial


- Player Count: 1-2 players
- Minecraft Version: 1.16.5
- *No Resource Pack Required!*


- Play in Adventure Mode
- Turn Music off in Sound Settings
- Command Blocks MUST be enabled
- Enable flying (for teleporting commands)
- Particles MUST be turned on as part of gameplay
CreditBug Tester - OrangePantsMan
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Version 2.0 : 09/26/2021 4:52:05 pmSep 26th

Updated Map Logo/Icon
• Removed spectator spawn upon world load for easier multiplayer experience
  - Replaced with simple lobby spawn and title
• Added clickable reset signs by mushroom farms for rare but inconvenient "invisible" block glitch
• Queezie now hits players with a Splash Potion of Hunger if at full saturation during the guessing portion of the game
  - Makes it so players don't have to wait out until eating a suspicious stew
• Added a little safety measure for griefers...
• Players can no longer grab more than one stew out of their guessing chest while it is open

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