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Witcher ~ The Passiflora ~ Novigrad ~ COMPLETE INTERIOR

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avatar Dunethunder76mx
Level 29 : Expert Architect
"Passiflora is considered the finest brothel in all of Novigrad, which is significant as there are a total of twelve within the city."

"It is a favorite venue for conspirators, as Falka's rebellion, the murder of King Vridank and the murder of King Radovid V were planned here."

Quotes taken from the Witcher Wiki

PLEASE NOTE: The PMCView 3D does not accurately represent the build. This build uses a mod that PMC's program does not account for.

Our version of the Passiflora is as true to the ingame building as we could get it. This build was made over a span of 18 months and many hours were spent researching and perfecting the exterior and interior. This build has a full interior and is very accurate to the actual game. This build was made by Bokops and Myself. If you would like to see more builds from The Witcher III, make sure to Diamond, Favorite, Subscribe to Bokops and Myself and check out our other builds!

The Download for this build is a schematic. Please note that you need The Lord of the Rings mod Beta 36.2 for this build. If you do not have the mod the build will not appear as it does in the pictures. Please do not complain about the schematic not looking like it does in the pictures if you do not use the mod. You may not use this build for anything other than personal use without permission from me. Which means no servers.
Progress100% complete

06/17/2020 3:03 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Mage
cool build
06/17/2020 4:49 pm
Level 29 : Expert Architect
Thank you!
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