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Woodland Mansion Transformation (WITH 1080p VIDEO TOUR)

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-Endergirl- avatar -Endergirl-
Level 42 : Master Elf
Hi there~!
I have been pretty dead, and this is my very first project that I'm posting, but over the past months I think I've cobbled something together that is worth sharing :p

For this, I made some pretty drastic changes to a woodland mansion, from changing the shape of it to revamping the entire interior. I did try to stick to some of the core themes though, for example keeping the pattern in the walls as a key element (with a slight variation), keeping the windows and sticking to the dark walls and light floor for almost the entire build.

PS: the video and screen-shots don't show every room, so it might be worth taking a look yourself :p
also, things look considerably better with shaders, I tend to use Sildurs Vibrant on medium or extreme

(don't worry about reading all the spoilers btw, just stick to what you're interested in)

Thoughts and Explanations
My main goals for the outside were to make it more interesting and inviting, but also to show off the wealth of its owner. To do this I changed around some of the shapes (adding and removing segments), implemented a lot more lighter blocks as well as adding a lot of detail.

For the inside, I decided to turn the mostly random rooms into something that could function as a proper mansion, with representative parts, more private areas for the master(s) to live in, as well as places to accommodate the servants of this manor.

Additional Notes (very in-depth)
notes on things worth mentioning
the paler text is more on why things are as they are as well as behind the scenes information (eg that all floors/ceilings are double layered)

Honestly, it has been some time so I don't entirely remember how I got to things being as they are, but I'll point out some of the main changes and processes as best as possible (probably not quite chronologically though). Any size units without labels are most likely to refer to the 9 by 9 block segments used in the generation of the mansion.

Most of the design of the outside went through multiple alterations, usually of me adding in more detail. Especially in the beginning I generally followed what I remembered from Jeracraft's first video on his transformation with a similar(ish) front entrance, added gardens, and in particular the "private chill-out" area on the roof which I would love to have irl T-T.

The goal for the exterior pretty quickly solidified into making it as impressive as possible, given it is what most people (in the world, not necessarily players) will see and base their impressions of its inhabitants on. Making the exterior and most of the fancy parts of the interior I decided to follow "if more detail is possible, add it" and (within limits) I'd say it worked pretty nicely (though in some parts overdoing it makes certain patterns too obvious cough button grids cough). I think that this somewhat plays into the 70-30 guideline for visual art which proposes that the ideal balance between detail and simpler areas for the eye to rest is around 30 to 70. Minecraft's default graphics themselves are rather simplistic thus becoming the resting areas, while it is up to the player (or shader god-rays filtering through leaves) to make the detail happen. The discovery that both buttons and torches make for nice detailing was one of the biggest influences on the exterior. I'd seen and used buttons before on the ends of logs which already adds a lot, but never thought they'd be this useful on flat walls too (button spamming ensued ^^) while the torches can guide the eye and add an inviting and festive (if not almost wasteful) splendour while making the mansion clearly visible from far away at all times of day.

The original mansion I was greeted with had a pretty bland shape with a 7x9 base for the bottom two floors and a quite simple L shape for the top floor which stretched along the entire front. The entrance of the original is also tragically (though understandably) unspectacular, thus the first thing I did was make it grander, extending the pre-existing porch, incorporating it more into the entire front and adding more detail. I also decided to make things less square by removing the front top corners and decided to shift the left corner (the tree is handmade btw) down even further for added variation. Similar things happened to all sides, adding the back garden and more elements to the side walls (though they are still pretty flat tbh ^^"). One of the biggest changes I made was adding all the segments surrounding the back of the private, enclosed but open-air area of the third floor. For this I heavily references the other segments trying to copy and implement their patterns as best as possible (something I also tried on the rest of the mansion).

I also decided to give the walls more variation and a support structure, adding stone columns whenever there was a variation of the height of the building (most present on the tower side) and implementing a gradual change from stone to wooden decorations the higher up, though I kept stone support structures on the topmost floors to hold heavy elements like the roof. These are mostly like they were in the original, but especially under the balcony roofs I tried to add support that looks reasonable.

At some point I made the rather big shift to a lighter and slightly less faithful palette (I think originally to make the windows less heavy?). This allowed for a huge increase in contrast and variation. The original palette is basically two purposefully similar browns and one grey. Adding birch, oak and spruce allowed for much more variation, detail and an overall more upbeat, inviting atmosphere which aligns much closer with what I'd want my own mansion to convey. I also like making the materials I use reasonable for the build's story and surrounding, and except for the spruce, all the wood types I used can be found in the surrounding forests (also, this is the first time I got to experience a flower forest, it is so lovely! *u*).

The last addition were the chimneys which actually came in after I had planned out the entire interior and had already completed my first rooms. They were inspired by a video on YouTube about "101 Build Hacks" by Grian where he listed both the curtain technique and using doors as backs of chairs which I implemented immediately (with slight adaptation). It also reminded me of the technique of using stained glass as smoke and got me hyped to try it in combination with other chimney designs he'd brought up in other videos (I had his build tips running in the background while I was tearing down and rebuilding walls to fit my plan for the interior). For the smoke, I spammed glass panes of one colour while flying backwards, then I went on a destruction spree. Rinse and repeat a few times while gradually changing colours from black over the greys to white and I ended up with a cloud I was happy with. For the second chimney I ended up copying this one's smoke block by block to avoid any inconsistency in their direction.

This is also around when the manor got its own banner design. Originally I was going for a flower or clover-like design, but I was also stubborn on making the banner's pattern a design that would make sense to be the unsimplified version of the wall pattern. Thus I ended up compromising to get the current design which I proceeded to spam around the build, especially in areas guests would see.


Once I finished the exterior, the first thing I did after revelling in the joy of completion was to map the most basic structure of the original interior to an Excel table (turns out the hallway pattern was the same on the bottom two floors, is that normal?). I then used that floor plan as a base to come up with my own (though I deleted most of the original tbh). The first thing I started with was trying to envision where I'd have which of the rooms I wanted to include (mostly the ballroom and the room that has two windows looking out to the back garden which looked awesome in the original). The first thing I actually put down though was a simple colour coding of where I'd have staircases and then where the hallways would be (while keeping myself aware of the spaces between them where I'd be fitting in rooms). Then I bit by bit added in rooms and walls by adding thick black lines between Excel's cells. I think the doorways were the last though I don't have any memory of adding them to the Excel table.

While I was remaking the interior walls I made quite a few spontaneous changes. Being on the scene gives a much better sense for the scale of things as well as uncovering any nonsensical ideas as such.

FIRST FLOOR (and staff areas in general):

This floor is for the mansion's staff since there aren't enough big windows for anyone fancy to spend time here, though I did sneak in some small windows to make it more hospitable for the staff. It is where they eat, sleep, and in most cases work. The floor is divided in two parts. On the right of the entrance are the miner's area. These are the facilities that generate the cash paying for the mansion and its inhabitants. On the left are rooms for more sightly staff (maids, butlers, cook & librarian).

Random (maybe fun?) info:

- the chimneys outside line up with the smelting furnace and the kitchen.
- the mineshaft exists because it was in Jeracraft's transformation and seemed cool
- the name signs outside the maids'/butlers' rooms would have the names of those living there
- the brown carpet paths signify staff areas throughout the entire building
- the staff staircase is the only staircase that goes straight from top to bottom
- all servants' doorways to the formal areas are as discreet as possible
- the staircase is as close to the kitchen and storage as possible to allow for fast transport of food or items

SECOND FLOOR (and representative areas in general):
This is the main representative floor (the only one most guests will get to see). Its point is to show off and host events. As such, this floor is as detailed and impressive as possible and has the house's banner and the wall pattern everywhere. It also has the highest ceilings.
The plan is for official guests to head straight up the grand staircase hopefully ignoring the side-entries to staff areas and then be guided by a maid or butler on where to go.

To the right is the library and study, which would probably be where day to day guests as well as any research people would be led though the study part of the library would be easier to reach from the left of the staircase so that is also an option. Only the more recent or impressive books are stored here, the rest is in the storage on the first floor which is looked after by a librarian and can be used by the staff (though they have to return any requested books immediately).

The left is mostly for bigger events. Turning right after the staircase, guests come to a multi-purpose room (currently equipped to be a cloakroom) through which they either go to the conference room or the grand ballroom. The ballroom is probably the most exquisite room of the mansion. It was actually in part modelled after the comments of a friend who has been taking dance classes. Trying to make as much space as possible however meant limited ways to add depth, so I put as much detail as I could into the walls and floor (the only patterned one btw). In the back of the ballroom there is a small room to rest and for slightly more privacy as well as access to the back garden for some fresh air (gorgeous sunset watching spot as well).

On the other side of the garden (or further down the hallway after the stairs) are two rooms for sitting, relaxing and socializing. My favourite is probably the smaller room due to its privacy and view of the garden. Though the larger room does have direct access to a storage room only for game equipment and the like. On the other side of the hallway is the billiard room (again for socializing and making connections). Also built for a friend who introduced me to billiard (I mentally call it his room tbh).

Lastly, at the end of the main hallway, is the staircase that leads to the third floor (which hopefully no guest wanders to on accident).

This is where the masters of the mansion live. In general I tried to tone down the decoration and banners here to create a relaxing retreat away from the stress of society and business.

Left of the staircase is the guest suite (which is probably the most fancy this floor gets and forced me to make the rest of the floor a bit more official than planned though I still tried to keep things simpler. The dressing room and connected bathroom have stained windows for privacy) with access to a small private balcony.

Taking the right hallway you'll first reach a smaller room to the left. This room is for a personal maid/butler, anyone who needs to be quickly accessible (like a doctor in times of sickness) or can be refitted to be a child's room. The main dining and social room further down the corridor features quick access to the staff staircase for minimum transport time from the kitchen. At the very end of the corridor is the staircase to the tower which allows for a gorgeous view over the forests, swamp and mountains and a lava-fall if your render distance is high enough.

Lastly, to the right of the staircase, is the master suite (which I prefer to call the private suite since it is less about being impressive and more based on what I would want my room to be like if I owned the mansion and lived there, going very much off style from the rest of the mansion). This suite is about rest, relaxation and comfort as well as escaping stresses of business (though there is a small seating area to receive guests as well as a desk to work at). The suite actively avoids symbols of the mansion and tries for light and positivity. It is covered in warm tones and flower imagery. Walking straight (along the bookshelves) you reach the bathroom and a door to the left which leads to a very private terrace that can only be seen into slightly from one or two spots in the mansion.
On the right of the entrance to the suite are some spaces to hang coats. Halfway up the spiral staircase is a reading area (probably my favourite place in the mansion) and at the top is an attic with a second bed and a lounging area (the wool piles on the right).

Sorry for the rambling

Floor plan
Floor Plan
If the image is too small, click here

Shaders: Sildurs Vibrant
Tour: ReplayMod

If you're interested in comparing, the world's seed is listed below the download
The mansion itself is around:
x = 3252
y > 64 (there is a forest there in the original so be careful if you tp)
z = 10512

Rooms, Areas & Things still left to do:
- Larger 3rd Floor Balcony
- Detail Polishing
CreditShaneH's and Hristina Luna's YouTube videos on pool tables
Progress80% complete

4 Update Logs

Update #4: back at work! : by -Endergirl- 11/22/2019 8:11:45 amNov 22nd, 2019

Not too much new, but you might've seen the progress number decrease for some reason. Well! I'm very happy to announce: I'm actively working on the mansion again and there will be new additions!

Currently done (but not updated on here):
- stables
- hunter's room and cabin
- fields

I'm not sure what else will be coming yet, maybe a pier on the lake to the left of the mansion, we'll see.

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06/07/2021 1:00 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Tempest_Kurama avatar
Incredible mansion
10/13/2019 8:11 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Togasawara avatar
Any chance you can re-upload this? please.
10/13/2019 5:25 pm
Level 42 : Master Elf
-Endergirl- avatar
my apologies, the download is back online now!
09/09/2019 1:48 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
weareham avatar
aww, so you've stopped working on the house?
10/13/2019 5:21 pm
Level 42 : Master Elf
-Endergirl- avatar
sorry for the late reply

For the most part, it is almost done though I've gotten stuck on making a fully functional and only marginally insignificantly wasteful item elevator for the mines which has left parts a bit of a mess, as well as the updates and so on happening and not quite feeling up to calling it done.

I am hyped to some day update the video though to include all the things I've added since then :)
08/29/2019 4:52 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
J4son_west avatar
how come the download isn't working?
10/13/2019 5:22 pm
Level 42 : Master Elf
-Endergirl- avatar
my apologies, the download is back online now!
07/17/2018 9:00 pm
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ale_x_x_x_garza avatar
How do I download the map? I put the seed thing where it says level seed on server.pro but it just shows a flar biome. Thanks.
07/17/2018 9:07 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ale_x_x_x_garza avatar
Nevermind! I put the world in flat which is why it didn't show up. I put it back to defualt and I found it! It is amazing! Can I use this for my Escape The Night YT Series?
07/14/2018 8:39 am
Level 1 : New Miner
MasterGamer12345473434 avatar
Very Nice Buid!!
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