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Working Air Warship: Silver Empire Assault Craft With Adjustable Arc Cannons and AA Guns

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avatar Loraxe42
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Engineer
A small war airship that can be flown using the Movecraft plugin for Minecraft.  All of the weapons work without the plugin, the plugin simply allows the craft to move around.


In response to the onslought of new advanced designs facing them on the battlefield, the Silver Empire updated several of their existing warships in a desperate attempt to hold back the tide that was turning against them in the latter parts of the War of Acquisition. One of those was the Assault Craft. 

Standard Imperial tactics called for formations of Assault Craft in front of the more fragile fighters wings, to screen them from AA fire. However, in the face of improving cannons technology, the original Assault Craft was found to be too fragile to continue to fulfill its role. So it was redesigned with much greater armor than the original, along with improved cannons of their own. 

Unfortunately, the draw back was that the new Assault Crafts were a full half again the displacement of the originals, increasing the cost and complexity of manufacturing them. Whether or not it would have been better to stick with the cheap and disposable original Assault Craft is a question that is lost to history.

Still, the new warships undoubtably represented a huge leap forward for Silver Empire warship technology and would be a mainstay throughout the remainder of the war.


2 x static cannon emplacements, one on each wing
4 x repeating fire guns around the cockpit
Progress100% complete

03/31/2015 7:37 pm
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Senpai
Very cool, as always!  ;)
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