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World of the dead. [Highly WIP]

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avatar Phoenix990
Level 1 : New Miner
In the year 2021 an unknown virus spreads throughout the world leading to chaos. Although authorities warn about the potential crisis no response by citizens was taken. Results were a global zombie apocalypse.

an unknown time after the outbreak you get ejected from your kyro pod and have to escape the collapsing bunker to find that everyone is gone. You will have to survive.
Objective is basically to find info about what happened.

The map is a World painter map (size 16k x 16k)

Currently planned is the main land containing a huge city a mountain chain and a few bunkers. Also there is a huge scandinavian island of the coast of the main land.
However there is many secrects waiting to be discovered.
this is not your classic adventure map. I call it an open world large scale mini game.
there will not me any vanilla style building. All things will be

either pre generated or can be spawned.
so you can secure a building in the map with barriers, sand bags, and other things. Decorate your base and add a generator to add functionality to lights elevators and even factories inside your building!
the functionality is here already. I’ve made everything in a testing world waiting to be implemented.

I will try to use as little mods as possible.
Currently needed are:
Malisis Door mod
Vics mondern wafare v0.4.1

I should be able to use command blocks for the rest.

Current state of the map:

Working on the terrain for the scandinavian island. After its done I will focus on the main land terrain.
Screenshots included
Map version will be 1.12.2
shaders are not supported due to bugs with mods!
please note that this may contain stuff not suitable for really young people (guns, cartoonish violence etc)
Also this will not be a horror map. No jump scares or intentional horror elements although some places might give you chills because of the map setting (post apocalyptic)

quick update:

I did not work a lot on the map as I currently plan a design for the amount of destruction, the vehicles and also some buildings.
Ive decided that the current map looks a little bad and I will redo some of the mountains. Especially the snow layer looks very unrealistic and will be adjusted to something less dense and rather high angled around high spots. With the redesign of mountains I mean some more shape and sharpness.
But the Scandinavian island terrain was progressed a bit. With some height in the upper parts of the island added. This will look a lot more Scandinavian once the Fjords and grassland comes in.
also the ice layer will get reworked!

note: the current map has not been manually corrected in any way. The whole map will look a lot more natural when I start hand correcting vegetation, cliffs and rivers.
Progress15% complete

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08/14/2019 11:17 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Architect
This looks really promising! Keep up the great work!

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