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(World-Painter) Long-play Survival island map 25kx25k (Terrain is not final)((WIP))

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This is one of my biggest projects to date, Currently working on Mesa and other such biomes across the map itself with the coming of 1.18 My build team and I will aim to create an amazing experience for Survival players who wish to build explore and exploit the land of it's riches and mysteries.

This map is only long-play survival friendly and is not for the people who wish to find dungeons to defeat the ender dragon, but to build and survive and thrive, or do so with friends.

Fully custom terrain made by myself, and a few others as I assemble a team :).

Videos and updates will be posted on my youtube channel here.

~Youtube Link~

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Update #1 : 11/24/2021 9:10:41 amNov 24th

Birch tree schematics added preview

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11/24/2021 5:33 pm
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cant wait
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