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World War 3 Missile Base Revived

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This Map Is By TheWittyKitty They Made The Map Im Just Reviving It Cause TheWittyKitty Was Inactive For 2 Years.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization Archives

>à berLord Hauptsitz Stützpunkt

>OverLord Headquarters

>Code Name: Schutzgebiet o Sanctuaryo

>NATO Designation: o NUKENSTANo

Location: Bornholm island, German territorial waters, Baltic Sea, unmarked


>Manpower (1591/3000)

>Aircraft (8/12)

>6 EuroFighter Typhoon

>2 Tornado IDS Bombers

>Land Vehicles (40)

>6 Leopard II MBT

>8 Marder 1 A3 IFV

>12 Eagle V APC

>2 Fennek LRV

>2 M270 MLRS

>2 PZH 2000 MA

>6 Flakpanzer Gepard AA

>2 Mantis AA

>Multiple AA Weapon Systems

>Sea Vessels (6)

>2 Littoral Combat Ship (LCP) o Crimson Revengeo o Infiniteo

>1 Patrol Ship o Dusk Dimensiono

>3 Bottrop Class Submarines 'Hydra Spade' 'Chance' 'Silent revenge'

>8 Trident II ICBM


Build it 1944 by the German Wehrmacht as a second command base should Berlin fall, the materials came a shipping route from Rugen but due to increasing Red navy attacks was left unfinished in 1945 where it had included a limited underground complex and few surface installations. Then it came to notice of Allied command and work was continued by allied forces with regular parachute drops from RAF and USAF planes from Germany.

After creation of NATO 1949 it was designated a small nuclear command center where 8 Trident II missiles were installed in 8 massive silos, where a missile command center was built to allow a nuclear deterrent in the East German area. After the missiles were fully completed the base was granted fully military status where a rapid expansion of the base added many facilities where a classified lead developer designed the whole expansion and was given nearly 200 approvals by other key building staff.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990 NATO lost interest in the base and handed control back to the German forces. The following years saw the installation of a medium size nuklearen Reaktor-Modell II*, Prison containment units and an update to the aging missile control center with communication up-links to NATO command centers. The NATO communication code name for the facility was designated as subject: NUKENSTAN

Current Status:

Bornholm Island provides a perfect location for north German security and is vastly developed facility, it will continued to be developed by the same secretive architectural developer and still remains the primary NATO command base in Europe with continuing expansion work. So far the island still remains at full operational status.

*Essentially a nuclear reactor with geo-thermal integration

*Written by A101A


-Trenches with Bunkers (sandstone looked like sandbags so that's what it's supposed to be)
-Outside facility with barracks, mess hall, bathrooms, garage
-Underground Facility

  • Farm (WIP) (Placeholder)
  • Animal Pens (WIP) (Placeholder)
  • Barracks (WIP) (Placeholder)
  • Mess Hall (Not Started)
  • Officer Quarters (WIP) (Placeholder)
  • Bathrooms/Showers (Not Started)
  • Archives/Library (WIP)
  • Secret officer's lounge under the library (WIP)
  • Storage Section (Not Started)
  • Armory (Not Started)
  • Firing Range (Not Started)
  • Prison with Execution rooms (Not Started)
  • Command center (WIP)
  • Ocean airlock (WIP) (Placeholder)
  • Submarine pens with submarines (WIP)
  • Ten missile silos with missiles (Not Started)
  • Multiple Blast doors to protect from nuclear detonation
  • Medical Center (Not Started)
  • Radar Station (WIP)
  • Generator room (Not Started)

    Give Me Your Ideas In The Comments!
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05/10/2021 9:07 am
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Agent Redacted
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What Should I Add Next??
05/07/2021 11:38 am
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wow thats impressive! congratulations... i have a world war 2 minecraft modded server being remade if you are interested please tell me!
05/07/2021 3:53 pm
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Agent Redacted
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im also making an anomaly containment with a few mods
05/07/2021 3:53 pm
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Agent Redacted
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I told you i did not make it someone else did but yes its a german bunker
05/07/2021 10:13 am
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Agent Redacted
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Also This Is Version 1.12
05/07/2021 10:09 am
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Agent Redacted
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I Might Add More Probably At 10 Diamonds Or 50 Views
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