Worldbuilding/RPG Project: High Dwarven Kingdom

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avatar The Wandmaker
Level 18 : Journeyman Miner
'Of stone and gem, the world is cast, as are we, the High Dwarves: our beards red as fire in hearths and bright as rubies, our skin strong as iron and dark as stone, our breath thick as fog, our strength twice as men, our will thrice as many, and our blades slice all who dare attack us.' - Ard-Righ, Harpolfur

The cave is as long as the kingdom is wide (3,000 metres/blocks) and twice as high. The mountain of the kingdom climbs 15,000 metres (50,000 feet). It will be 1:1 scale with regards to the length and width (1 block equals 1 metre). You will be able to download this after it is completed.

I want it to be an RPG map, meaning that it has Dwarven currency and some level of realism, etc. It will also be created completely in survival mode save the map itself from WorldPainter. I will also be adding in a starting chest from
WorldPainter to make sure I have everything I need. I have made ores commonplace, as supposed to leaving them as rare as Minecraft (it is a Dwarven map, after all), I have made the entire map an extreme hills biome for emeralds.

Currency: Iron, Gold, Lapis, Emerald, Diamond.

Ore Rates:

Coal: 20%, Levels 0-150

Iron: 20%, Levels 0-150

Redstone: 20%, Levels 0-150

Gold: 10%, Levels 0-150

Lapis: 10%, Levels 0-50

Emerald: 10%, Levels 0-50

Diamond: 5%, Levels 0-50

Ore Values:

Iron < Gold < Lapis < Emerald < Diamond

4 iron = 1 gold

4 gold = 1 lapis

4 lapis = 1 emerald

4 emeralds = 1 diamond

Thus, 1 diamond costs 256 iron or 64 gold.

Architecture: Early gothic, early English gothic, French gothic
(Rayonnant), France, Spain, and Portugal gothic style (flamboyant),
fantasy gothic, dwarven.
Noted features: no curves, only polygons (a more squared
version of Jackson/Howe/Lee's Dwarven style (The Lord of the
Rings, The Hobbit)).

Colour Theme: Red (Clothing, flags, etc.)

Thank you for reading. :)

- Wandmaker
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03/01/2017 10:27 am
Level 32 : Artisan Archer
This sounds like it is going to be very impressive!
03/02/2017 12:04 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Miner
The Wandmaker
Thank you! Right now I think I'm going to enter into the new project contest. :)
03/02/2017 11:39 am
Level 32 : Artisan Archer
Good luck!
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