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Xbox 360 TU 14 Tutorial World Converted for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.8+

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avatar lizking10152011
Level 30 : Artisan Artist
World Name: Xbox 360 TU 14 Tutorial World
Version Created in: Minecraft Xbox 360 Version TU 14 (Around March 2014)
Compatible with: Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.8 and Higher
Has Been in Creative/Cheats Activated?: No (You can earn achievements on this map.)


This is the Title Update 14 Tutorial World from the Xbox 360 Legacy Console Edition converted over for use on Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.8 and higher. Note this world is set to infinite on the Bedrock Edition so you can choose to keep going to new landscapes away from the Tutorial Worldarea if you like.

Updates from the TU 13 Tutorial World include:

-Minor Landscape Changes
-Introduction to Nether Quartz and new custom Quartz Build in the Overworld
-Changes to the way Villages naturally generate
-New Style Desert Villages
-Addition of Naturally Generating Jungle and Desert Temples
-Modifications to area near spawn

Conversion Bugs

-All chests within the original 864 X 864 blockspace converted with nothing in them (Sorry, no Music Disc hunting).
-Console Commands cannot be used if the world is put into Creative Mode due to a Permissions Issue.
-Villagers and Mooshrooms did not convert with the rest of the world.

1/4/2019 Bedrock Edition 1.8 File Update:

-Contents of most chests restored.
-Villagers and Mooshrooms that were not converted when world was converted from Xbox 360 Console Legacy Edition to Bedrock Edition restored with MCC Tool Chest PE.
-Ocelots in the animal pens were replaced with Stray Cats with the 1.8 update so the achievement 'Lion Tamer' can still be achieved on this Tutorial World.
-Defunct Dispensers were found and fixed.

All credit goes to Mojang and 4J Studios for creating the tutorial world, all I did was transfer it from Legacy Console Xbox 360 to Bedrock Edition.
Creditto Mojang and 4J Studios for creating the Tutorial World on the Xbox 360.
Progress100% complete

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sorry I was wrong 1.7.1 was only out for androids and windows 10 I have IOS so the current version is 1.7 so whenever I try to load the world a message pops up saying this world was last saved in a newer version of Minecraft and can not be loaded so I will just have to wait it out until the next Minecraft pocket edition update comes out
Okay so I have been looking for this world FOREVER and I download it and open it in Minecraft and it says this world was saved in a newer level WHAT 1.7.1 is not even out yet so how
Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.7.1 was the version out when this world was converted. Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.8, or the 'Pandas and Cats' Update is the current version. Are you opening this in Windows 10 Bedrock Edition or Java Edition?

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