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Xexon Teha-class fighter

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Author's Note
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Programs used:
Minecraft (for building)
Mcedit (for building)
Blender (for renders)
Paint.net (for pictures)

Technical Specifications
Xexon Teha-class fighter Minecraft Map
Xexon Teha-class fighter Minecraft Map
Xexon Teha-class fighter Minecraft Map
The Xexon-Teha class was an advanced single seat multi-role strike craft produced by Zenlian Drives for the GACIAF administration amidst the Shadow Fleet crisis. The Teha-class officially began development in the year 48,496 ACT, but several models of testbed strike craft and five separate technology development programs both in Zenlian Drives and Syvatii Unlimited had been active since the 48,482 ACT, the year after the Ecalstaliss Shadow Fleet caused massive damage to multiple Ivesceel core sectors. Innovation created from analyzing Shadow Fleet technology gathered under the TASEOL directive, which enabled GACIAF to control the access of public and private entities to technologies which could potentially impact galactic security, allowed the organization to significantly improve functionality of almost all systems used on spacecraft, as well as enabling new systems in some cases. Data gathered from the Zephoa C95, Decth, Pelo Xha-5203, and other technology testbeds was made available to Zenlian Drives in a limited capacity, and the company was contracted to design the primary structures of the Teha-class as part of the GNGAS procurement program, which sought to commission new classes of ships at all levels of the GACIAF fleet structure. Principle development took place in the Veti'lit System on Zenlian Drives-owned shipyards, with some aspects of the design created by Kualin Stardrives, which acted as a subcontractor. Syvatii Unlimited managed testing and integration on the Stration Orbital Complex in Etad Moric, with testing conducted mostly in the system and other close GACIAF bases. Development was temporarily paused following the Nledara Shadow Fleet attack, although fortunately the Tilanex Sector was not significantly affected.

The Teha-class began immediate mass production after development finished in 48,526 ACT, with Kualin Stardrives taking over a portion of manufacturing because of the company's size and infrastructure. The Syvatii Unlimited sectors of the Tuan Shipyard, as well as GACIAF's existing production lines, managed the rest of production orders, with multiple additional factories and stations built in the decades following the Teha-class' release to expand production capacity for the ship. With most new capital ship classes for GACIAF designed specifically to accommodate the larger frame of the Teha-class, the fighter quickly became ubiquitous among GACIAF naval units, and would be produced in greater numbers than any strike craft design in TAUFOG's history before it. Production of the Teha-class lasted for almost two and a half centuries, ending once the next generation of Xexon strike craft entered service in the late 48,700s.

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