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Yandere Simulator High School Hide and Seek Version 1.16.1 [+ PE and Windows 10]

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AnnaMayStudios's Avatar AnnaMayStudios
Level 49 : Master Wolf Whisperer
Welcome to the Hide and Seek Version of YanSim High School. I added tunnels and such to create more possible hiding spots and even added a boiler room. If some of the redstone is messed up, I apologize, I suck at it.

I created a replica of "Yandere Simulator" which includes the school grounds, the town outside of school, and the landscaping around the school. I tried my best to make it as accurate as possible as of July 25th.

If you have any trouble with the map you can message me.
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New Update on Seperate Submission : by AnnaMayStudios 03/24/2021 3:33:34 amMar 24th, 2021

I posted a new build on a separate submission. That one is much bigger and has more hide-and-seek spots. I will no longer update this or the other submission. As always there's a youtube video with the windows 10 and PE download links

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01/15/2021 9:57 am
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Droid
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You've done an amazing job! I love this map