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Ythanica: 5K Fantasy Landscape

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Level 53 : Grandmaster Terraformer
Welcome to Ythanica - a diverse land of fantasy and adventure.

Ythanica is divided into 9 major regions.

"The continent is home to three nations that were once an infinitely powerful, united force. They split in the Great Severance, thus marking the year 0 AGS [after great severance] Three new nations were born... Thaedra, to the north. Valyra, in the lush fields of the center of the world, and Felmar to the south. Each ruled by a different king: King Aairyon, King Althalos, and Lord Muk'Tush, respectively. Though once pure nations with respectable views and morals, each have become quite corrupt. The fields in the center are full of resources and the nation of Valyra thrive here. The ice to the north is secluded, a perfect place for the monks of Thaedra. The deserts so the south provide fortification for the Fel." (Excerpt from the lore of the world of Eternum)


Brimrock - The Smoldering Isles
The easiest way to enter Brimrock is by the mostly intact land bridge off the coast of Eborwen, the largest oak forest.  Due to the constant volcanic activity on the island, trees are unable to inhabit the island.  However, the lack of sunlight has made it possible for fungi to thrive on the isles.
Faredor - Sunflower Plains
Between the desert of Valowen and the forest of Eborwen lies Faredor.  The region is mostly populated by poplar trees.  Orange trees can be found by the coast, and many bushes grow large edible berries.  However, the most distinct feature of this region is the large sunflower field on the coastal cliffs.
Eborwen - The Lush Forest
Much of Eborwen is a dense oak forest.  The region is difficult to traverse due to its large cliffs, but at the same time beautiful waterfalls can be seen cascading down them - when the view is not covered by the large trees, of course.  Eborwen is also the easiest way to access the smoldering isles of Brimrock.
Galicia - The Polar Sheet
Galicia is home to a giant glacial wall, although most of it has melted away in the decades before.  Giant fungi populate the landscape along with many spruce trees.  Strangely, Galicia is also home to the only hot springs found on the continent.  North of the great mountains and the glacial wall is a giant, frozen ocean, littered with gorges.  Not only is the surface of the ocean frozen, but so is everything under!
Hafreda - The Snowless Tundra
Hafreda serves as a border between Galicia and Illavyn.  There are several tar pits located in this region, along with the only volcano on the largest continent.  However, Hafreda is also the smallest region in Ythanica.
Illavyn - The Sprawling Spruce Woods
Illavyn is a large pine forest east of Hafreda.  The tallest pine trees grow on the northern coast of Illavyn, along with rare giant fungi only natice to the region.  Located in the lowlands is a small swamp with willow trees.
Valowen - The Crystal Desert
A large desert covering the south of Ythanica, Valowen's large diamond crystals protruding through the sands is only a small fraction of the riches hidden beneath.  Giant bones of the ancient beasts are common, and at located in the west of Valowen is a savanna bordering Faredor.
Kermoth - The Red Mesa
Kermoth is a large mesa east of Valowen.  Streams flow down to the river from the mesa, but only shrubs and cacti are able to survive in this region.
Kaelister - Dense Tropics
Kaelister is the most diverse region in Ythanica.  Its lush jungles cover most of the region.  Giant fungi and flowers are commonly found growing in this region.  Off the coast of Kaelister is a large coral reef, as well as an active volcano.

About this Map

This map was actually a map created for a friend of a friend - as a result, the full version will not be available, but rather a demo version of the map will be available for download.  The map took about 1 month and 1 week to create, and it is my most detailed map to date.  the only downside of this map was that it left me drained of creativity for the next several weeks.

The goal of this map was to create a large fantasy themed landscape in which no two biomes looked exactly the same.  Every biome contains its own block theme, and uses different trees and other vegetation.

The download should be compatible with 1.8.

You are free to use the demo map however you like.

Also, Ythanica is pronounced "Ithanica"

monsterfish_ - custom tree pack 
lentebriesje - custom tree repository 
Dummarsch_ - mushroom pack   
Valeros - trees
Ares945, imbilio, europua for brushes
Darastlix for Cover Renders
Enderworkbench for Cinematic (Note: Due to copyright, the cinematic can only be viewed on Youtube.)
ProjectHyrule for feedback

If you like this map, please diamond and subscribe for even better maps in the future!

Progress100% complete

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06/18/2022 9:36 am
Level 1 : New Miner
coldninja2004's Avatar
This is awesome!!!
07/02/2022 2:36 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Terraformer
ibuildpixels's Avatar
thanks ^^
01/09/2019 11:34 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
nevon31's Avatar

Thank you for giving us this project. Can I use this on my Open-world MMORPG server?

01/21/2018 10:17 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Narwhal
eChris's Avatar
If any of you are wondering commissioner of the Map (Skyfallin) is re-releasing his server with the map on it.

Here's the IP (PC Only 1.9-1.12): play.eternum.net
12/28/2017 4:09 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Lucifer_69's Avatar
hey are you gonna make a map from the witcher 3 ????? pls im make a server but i dont have if you do this you really help me and evryone who needed to :p
12/04/2017 2:38 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Gilgalapagos's Avatar
Do you have the ip to the server that uses this? Or the owner of the map?
12/04/2017 7:06 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Terraformer
ibuildpixels's Avatar
Sorry, I don't.
04/22/2017 10:59 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Case_Hardened's Avatar
amazing maps! please how do I get rid of that barrier crap?

The community needs more maps like these...(full versions) :)
02/11/2017 5:35 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
DoloStar's Avatar
I like this :D
thank you for build and share this map :)
01/20/2017 12:16 pm
Level 26 : Expert Pony
Hysharc's Avatar
its cool but not the complete world.
Will that be up?
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