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Zeus Class Stealth Frigate (Fictional)

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Level 25 : Expert Sailor
zeus class is a class of 5 frigates which their main feature is stealth.the desigh for this class is primary to be as much stealthy and invisible as possible and with the triple hull design can have 4 shafts.
the first ship begun constraction at hellenic shipyards on september 17 2026 and finished at may 9 2028.
the material used for the hull is hard steel and for the superstacture is titanium.
this class of frigates can reach 40+ knots with their 4 shafts at full speed.





speed:45 knots max

displacement:6.900 tons max

complement:125 crew

range:9.800 kh at 23 knots


1 127mm artillery

1 ramx8 missile station

1 57mm rapid fire cannon

2 20mm ciws turrets

2 25mm auto cannons

2x2 40mm dual use cannons

1 20mm phalanx ciws

2 14.5mm remote control machine guns

6 366mm torpedo tubes

62 VLS (1 missiles per cell for surface to surface) (4 missiles per cell for surface to air)

2x8 anti ship missiles

this ship is featured map

ENJOY :D !!!!
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