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Zombie Apocalypse Challenge: Stronghold Rebuilding

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Tryon avatar Tryon
Level 26 : Expert Engineer
Zombies. Hordes and hordes of zombies. It was exactly a year ago, your birthday, when the virus leaped from a level 9 containment facility to society, crushing mankind in days. They flooded the streets with their evil companions, butchering everything in sight. They took your spouse, your children, your whole family, and even your pet, and aimed them against you with ravenous hunger. Only through gut instinct and nonstop running have you survived this far. You've found others, but they were all eventually killed or also turned. a month ago, traveling with your most recent group, a rumor spread of a populated fortification called Peacelash, untouched by the undead armies. This gave you all new hope and was your first priority: get to it and survive in the safety of it's walls. Yet another tragedy has befallen you. Last night about a mile away from the city your party was ambushed, and you ran cowardly away, leaving them all to die and chanced upon the city. But something seems off: the fortress looks open with nobody here, an empty shell. There are also Monuments scattered around the city all dated around the same time. How odd....
But you decide to stay here, and try to scavenge what supplies you can from the giant city. A writhing anger fills your mind. The undead will pay for your hatred, even if it means you have to saw your ex 8 year old or beloved wolf in half. The lives laid down and wasted on you will be redeemed. This time you will rebuild. This time you will fight savagely. This time there is no running. This time, you are out for blood.

Happy Birthday.

1) Never travel at night unless armed.
2) If you die, it's game over.
3) Use items however you want, though your main objective is to rebuild the city and make it habitable to other survivors by purging the darkness.
4) Play on at least easy, never on peaceful. NEVER.
5) Make sure no zombies or other bad mobs can spawn in the colony.

*You don't have to follow these rules, after all rules are meant to be broken. But it is more challenging, and fun this way too.

First of all, if you haven't read my minecraft lag blog, you might wanna give it a go. This map is very lag intensive, more so than Canopy Carnage from the Super Hostile Minecraft series. This is a city called Peacelash that I made using an excellent minecraft village-building program called Mace, though I did make some edits to it (mostly in MCEdit, so expect lighting issues). I selected the very large city option, and it is very large, so don't expect it to be lagless. In the download I have included the actual world save, the Mace program, and the texture pack I'm using in the screenshots from the YogBox because it freaking rules.

Download and extract the file, and put the world save/texture pack in your Users/(your username)/%appdata%/Roaming/.minecraft directory. You can do whatever you want with Mace, it's just a bonus like the texture pack.

Well, that's it. I hope you enjoy and if you do, please comment and spread the word!
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11/13/2011 1:13 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
gamercraft avatar
what texture pack in the screenshots?
11/13/2011 1:25 pm
Level 26 : Expert Engineer
Tryon avatar
What do you mean? There's 4 screenshots on this page, all of them pertaining to the submission, and all of them are not the default textures. Pretty straightforward...
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