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Username is CaSe-SeNsiTive

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193 Update Logs

Update #193 : 10/25/2018 10:57:15 amOct 25th, 2018

- There is a new PR Specialist template up for those interested in the job, check it out here:
- Fixed an issue with the Divebomb variant of Fire Nova, which was causing the Blink spell to act as a primary element.
- All Pumpkin Beast variants should now all share the same bounding box size. This will prevent larger Pumpkin Beasts from getting stuck in places the smaller versions do not.
- Implemented a new system for trick or treating to prevent cheesing/afk farming which involves limiting how much candy a single person can distribute. Shortly after implementation the feedback was that it was too restrictive. Following this feedback the available candy a single player has was tripled.
- Ghastly Hallow Knights now have a far greater chance to drop one or more pieces of candy. Additionally, their damage has been reduced.
- Summoned Soul Thralls will now also heal your summoned raised undead whilst alive.
- Pumplestiltskin should no longer target people at the Haven mansion, and will teleport away if he gets inside.
- It is now possible to see which possible set bonuses you can obtain when carving Hallow's Eve pumpkin helmets.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the Prestigious Deathsinger item crates from being openable.
- Any mythic quality item obtained from the Prestigious item crates will now have the correct mythic coloring for their names.
- Certain Hallow's Eve mobs will combust on the spot if they enter the Haven Mansion, to avoid harassing players.
- Hallow's Eve is here! Even starts on the 15th, and goes until the 31st. The Horseman and his legion are up to no good, and it's your responsibility to stop him. Take the Hallow's Eve portal Downtown to the Horseman's Haven and find out precisely what is happening, and what kind of horrors you face this year! Type &5/help hallowseve for all the info.
- Try out the two new limited Crane Games at "/warp Event". Collect the 120 available spooky mask and decoration items. Get in the Hallow's Eve spirit by donning a scary mask and decorating your home with all sorts of evil objects.
- Scarecrows are back again for Hallow's Eve. Find them perched up on trees. Cut them to bits for candy for you and nearby allies.
- Candy drop rates have been increased! It's now far less grindy to fill your buckets up with candy. How many rewards can you collect this year?
- The Shadow Dragon lies dormant in the end. Exchange Hallow's Eve candies for a Shadow Dragon soul for a limited time.
- Many new Music Boxes are available for Hallow's Eve this year. Visit the collectibles vendor to check them out.
- Chests are back this year too! Chests can be found all over Haven that often contain candy or ectoplasm. Some locations are secret, and have a stash of chests. Enjoy hunting.
- Hallow's Eve is a massive event. We have some surprise content ready to be delivered during the event, so keep an eye out for more updates.
- Fixed an issue that caused stone swords to unbind spells based on durability.
- Fixed a major issue that prevented spells that added threat to mob targets from applying their threat permanently. These spells will now permanently add threat to the target, allowing players to reliably hold the attention of aggressive mobs.

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