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(9/22) FRESH MAP SMP ~ 1.14.4 ~ Reef MC

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avatar antb0t
Level 5 : Apprentice Engineer
(9/22) FRESH MAP SMP ~ 1.14.4 ~ Reef MC
Status Online! Pinged: 12/14/19
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14
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(9/22 RESET!!!) Seasonal SMP
FRESH MAP!! Come join us on a fresh new start! We are a small community of people that love playing MC and are looking forward to seeing many new faces on our new world. We have a premium lag-free server that can handle tons of players!
Features everything in our permanent SMP map but with the addition of MCMMO to have prizes for the players who gain the highest levels over the season. We will always reset to a new map whenever the player base wants it! Come join us on our seasonal adventure and start fresh in a blossoming community!
Quick Info: Hard Difficulty; Free to play Rank system with rewards; Player Owned Shops; Premium Lag-free server; No Raiding; No Griefing; Hermitcraft-like atmosphere; Economy that isn’t super bloated; Anti-cheat with no false bans; Active admins;

Survival Multi-Player (Permanent World)

Quick Info: Hard Difficulty; Free to play Rank system with rewards; Player Owned Shops; Premium Lag-free server; No Raiding; No Griefing; Hermitcraft-like atmosphere; Economy that isn’t super bloated; Anti-cheat with no false bans; Active admins;

Vanilla Survival Minecraft with tons of plugins to create the best possible community experience in the most recent updated version of Minecraft. Fall back in love with playing Survival surrounded by a great community of builders and redstoners. Most of us are fans of Hermitcraft and wanted to have a public server to play with people and build a community that resembles the amount of fun they have. While we can’t replicate them perfectly, many of us build in the same areas and enjoy building large farms for anything we need (which we sell in our player owned shops). This server is very new (only about 1 month old) and is growing steadily. Our goal is listening to player feedback while keeping true to the ideas listed above. Come join us and bring your friends and start your journey on our premium Vanilla Experience with many quality-of-life additions!

Skyblock - (BETA)

Players who try the beta will have the [OG] suffix available for life!
Quick Info:
Rewards for /is top, /baltop, and top MCMMO level; Player Owned Shops; Premium Lag-free server; No Griefing; Active admins;

We here on the ReefMC network work hard everyday, and strive to give you the best classic skyblock experience. Our vision is to provide not only an exceptional playing environment, but the best. ReefMC is a place where players can play casually and competitively. For the most dedicated, we will even have /baltop, /is top, and MCMMO top level PAYPAL and in store credit rewards. We run off of a premium host, and have multiple premium plugins. We constantly take and incorporate player suggestions. Voting crates, and Premium crates, which you can even get access to from Voting, with some luck! Custom kits, Custom prefixes, and a player run economy. We have many easy to use Custom GUIs as well. With a donation GUI, shop GUI, Custom kit GUI, Warp GUI, and even a voting GUI. With a custom starter island, Nether Plots, Super Flat Plots, and all the other features found here at The Reef, we believe we provide a truly unbeatable experience.

1 Update Logs

RELEASE OF SEASONAL SMP! : 09/22/2019 3:58:45 pmSep 22nd

Come on over and join us on our FRESH MAP (9/22) Seasonal SMP!!
What is Seasonal SMP? Well it means that we reset the map when the players want it! All maps will be made available for players to download to continue playing on their own (if they so choose) at the end of our "seasons". Come join our community and build in a premium server with lots of cool plugins!

2 replies

09/04/2019 11:14 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
This is a great server more people should play.
09/04/2019 12:22 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
Hello my wonderful fellow Minecraft fans! Redshirt4Life here! Also known as Minecraft Mom/ Tali (hey i am a mom and I love playing MC, playing since beta you know!)

I just want to say I absolutely love this server so much and would love to try and get more minecraft PC players on here. The players are friendly, helpful, and when we have the usual members playing there seems to always be someone online that can make you laugh, or lend you a hand! I would love to see this server grow and have more players online.

I myself love to build and explore, but most of all I really enjoy helping other players, so find myself stockpiling supplies and jumping to the aid of whoever needs it. My own internet is not always the greatest (laptop is kind of starting to die so does not like the internet) BUT on the occasions when I CAN get on and play, it is wonderful and I enjoy myself every single time!

Exploring, building, surviving, mining, pvp, grouping up, progression, whatever your fancy this is the server to go to. There have been many servers I have played on, and after being away from internet for a few years I have to say this is a beautiful, refreshing start, jumping back into the game. What makes me the happiest, is that this server, the admins and Ant, life comes first, so do not worry if you have to tend to real life things first, we will just be happy to see you on!

Do not ever be afraid to ask for assistance if you need guidance on something, a grouping buddy, help of whatever kind in either of Reef MC’s servers. There is usually someone on that would be happy to help and I can assure you that if I am on, I will be one of those people to help you!

I love Reef MC and highly recommend it for players both new and veteran! One of my favorite things about this server, is the creativity and uniqueness each player brings to the map. I can wander the world on foot, by boat, or, if I am feeling adventurous, RTP (randomly teleport myself somewhere if I am playing on our SMP server) and come across someone's home, structure, sculpture or whathaveyou and love it all.

There is nothing more exciting to me than stumbling across someones current or old build and be blown away by its creativity and see the effort someone has put into it. It can be complicated, simple, I do not care how basic or complex it is, it is exciting to see what other players do.

Each person has their own way of doing things and I have been having an absolute blast on this server. Antb0t has recently just finished launching our new seasonal server, complete with Mcmmo (which allows for a more mmo/skill building field to gameplay) so far it has been wonderful to have a fresh start for all of us and we are hoping to bring even more players into the game with us!

Thank you guys for being so wonderful, I am really happy on this server and would love to see it grow. I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!! :P

I hope many more will join us!~Minecraft momma out!

***Minecraft Multiplayer server- play.reefmc.com
***Discord server invite- discord.gg/vE9Mgxt

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