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[1.6.2] ╰☆╮ [MobArena] ╰☆╮ [Epic PVP] TC Prison Minecraft Server ╰☆╮ Can you escape? ╰☆╮ [Parkour] ╰☆╮ [Classes]

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Level 18 : Journeyman Crafter

Server Info : RID 2177981

Status: Offline Pinged: 11/13/13
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.6.2
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So, I was told you comitted the crime? Hold up, save it! I don't want to hear any more of those lame excuses!!! It is completely unnecessary! So, I am sentencing you to prison for LIFE!

Now this isn't any ordinary prison.. It is the TC Prison. Also known as TrueCraft Prison. They have GUARDS all over the prison campus. You better watch what you do or say, because if it was a negative action, you put a bad impression of yourself for the guards, which is the last thing you should want... These guards attack for basically anything that breaks the prison rules...

And NO, there is no way to escape.. As far as I know....


Prison Warden

You were just framed for something you didn't even do!! And that isn't even the first time that stupid warden frames the wrong person.. Although, the rest somehow disappear from prison? I have heard something from some prison about some secret place.. Lack Market? No... was it.. Mack Market..? No no... Ugh, I can't remember the place, but I do remember hearing there are hidden places all over Prison that can take you to it.. Where you ask? I have no idea.. It's just a rumor. A rumor waiting for somebody to prove it true...

What prisoners need and want from the prison...

You think you're the best don't you? Well you're wrong. There are people much better than you. These people will kill you as if you are a fly on the end of the table about to get hit by a fly swatter. They want to be the best in the prison, but there are people like you and the guards who won't let them. So these prisoners are willing to do anything even risk their own life to be on top of the team be the pack leader. Will you be a leader or a follower? Your time to choose is now...

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Guards CAN attack...

If they see you PVP between any 2+ players.
If they see a sword, they will give you 5 seconds to give it up, if not, then they attack.
If they see a bow, they will also give you 5 seconds to give it up, if not, they attack.
If they see any kind of SPLASH POTION, you have 5 seconds to give it up, or they attack.

If they see any kind of grenade, you have 5 seconds to give it up, or they attack.
If they see any kind of gun, you have 5 seconds to give it up, or they attack.
If you get inside the guard towers or guard area

Guards CAN'T attack...

If they use weapons enchanted by any admin.

If they use any commands in battle what-so-ever.
If they somehow use cheats/hacks such as mods and clients.
If you have a sword, but they don't see it.
If you have a bow, but they don't see it.
If you have splash potions, but they don't see them.
If they did not warn for a sword/bow/splash potion before fighting.


Kill prisoners without a VALID reason.
Kill somebody because some prisoner said "They killed me" or "They stole from me"
If the guards did NOT see some PVP or stealing, they are NOT allowed to attack.
Be bribed by somebody to kill somebody else.
Be bribed for ANYTHING at all.
Jail prisoners for no reason.
Smuggle prisoners out of prison.
Sell kits to other prisoners
Listen to somebody when they say "He hit me!!" Guards must SEE the PVP occur to attack.

Hidden Message: Please include the phrase "Golden Apple" in your application or you will not be accepted what so ever.
Give items back to Prisoners no matter what items they were. Even if they just had 1 seed, they cannot get it back.
Prisoners can only get all items back if the guard has killed the prisoner on accident.

How does this "Jail" thing work?

You will be jailed if:
You abuse the bank slots against any guard.
You abuse the Plots.
You use /home to escape a fight. (Not to mention if done multple times, may lose the permission).
You keep hitting a guard and running for no reason.
You door or fence gate glitch to go above some where.
You repeadedly open a closed door to attack somebody behind it.
You glitch or duplicate items in any way.
You are spamming the server.
You are flooding the server.
You are cursing or showing hate towards another player.
You are saying a guard is not a good one. (If you have any problems with guards. contact and Admin)
You are being racist.

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Warden: Israphels

Assistant Warden: J3ss3ck0

Trial Mods:






Head Admin:




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Prisoner: You just started off and you are in the prison.

Escapee: You escaped the prison, but if you die, you will be in prison again.

Citizen: You have been with TCPrison for MONTHS. Escape anytime! (Given by Jonny)

Donator: You donated $0.50 - $9

Donator+: You donated $10 - $19

Donator++: You donated $20 - $29

SuperDonator: You donated $30 - $49

Rich Guy: You donated $50+

TG: Trainee Guard, just started out, Super weak.

JG: Junior Guard, some experience, but still easy to kill

SG: Senior Guard, Experienced, ready for fights

DG: Deputy Guard, Highest Guard Rank, really experienced

AsstWarden: Assisstant Warden, Takes control of most guards. Helps promote and demote.

Warden: The basic owner of the Prison, Promotes and Demotes guards.

Builder: Builds for the server, helps design Prison. (Given by Jonny)

TrialMod: A new mod, testing to see if they are worthy of Mod rank. (Given by Jonny)

Moderator: Keep things under control with exploits, chat, glitches, etc

Admin: These help run the server, they fix any exploid or glitches and can roll back griefers.

Co-Owner: The assisstant of Jonny. Gets almost all permissions to the server.

Owner: Jonny's rank.

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Last Major Update:


Updates have moved back to our website!

Please check there for the updates!


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In-Game name:

Current server rank:

How old are you?:

How long have you been on this server? (7 days minimum):

Why would you be the best choice for guard?:

Do you have experience playing on prison servers? If so how long? Don't include server names!:

Do you have any experience as being a guard? If so, explain:

Did you read all the rules of the server and Prison? (on this thread, and in-game):

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Who are complaining about?

What rank is that person? (Ex: TG, SG, Moderator, Admin, etc):

What is the BASIC reason for your complaint? (Ex. Abuse, disrespect)

What is the FULL reason for your complaint?

What is YOUR in-game name?

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What is your in-game name?

How Long ago were you banned?

Who banned you?

Why were you banned from the server?

Do you regret and promise not to do it again?

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Support the server!! Put this as your signature!

Just copy and paste it into your signature in the User Control Panel!

If the linking doesn't work automatically by copy and paste, link it to this thread!!

You can either copy it from here or save it to your computer and upload from there!

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Additional Notes

Welcome to Hell. This server offers a huge variety of awesome things to do. Fight the guards, escape the prison, survive outside, earn money, go through lava mazes, do some parkour, tons more. Join us

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