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[1.6.2] GPD PVP |Factions|mcMMO|Leaper|

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avatar GNAW
Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
[1.6.2] GPD PVP |Factions|mcMMO|Leaper|
Status Offline Pinged: 05/29/14
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.6.2
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GPD PVP is a small, 10 slot factions pvp server looking for new players. GPD pvp is not on the most powerful hoster, so there will be a little lag (Mostly upon entry to the server, after that you should be fine). GPD PVP is also looking for new staff members! Please contact the owner, Skype: HelperGnawers, if you're interested in applying! GPD PVP is in its alpha stage, so please report any bugs to the server owner and/or admins. Although this is a raiding and griefing server, there are many unique plugins that make the server more enjoyable! Here's a list!

LEAPER (Allows players to double-jump!)

ecoCreatures: (Pays players for killing mobs!)

PlayerVaults: (Gives each player 1, unraiable, virtual vault! /pv 1 to open the vault.)

ObsidianDestroyer: (Takes 4 TnT to destroy obsidian!)

SilkSpawners: (Gives players the ability to silktouch spawners, given they have the right enchantments)

TreeAssist: (Destroy the bottom block of a tree, and the whole tree is destroyed!)

GPD PVP is open and ready for players! When you spawn you will have no items, so it is recommended to do /kit starter! Other useful tips:
- Want to pvp on the server? There is a pvp arena! /warp pvp
- Need some food? Or perhaps good ol' diamonds? /warp shop
- Want to repair your armor? Or add an enchant? /warp blacksmith
- Have a question but staff are busy? /helpop [msg]
- Enjoy the server? Give this post a diamond!

We hope to see you there!
- GPD Crew

Additional Notes

GPD PVP [1.6.2} Server!
CreditThanks to my sexy computer, bessy!

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