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Craftoholic! We now have the slimefun plugin!

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avatar evinrude1914
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
Status Online! Pinged: 10/19/19
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13
Connect With
Update! We have now added the Slimefun plugin, this adds more to he game then I can easily describe! Check it out on the link

We are now running on 1.13.2 now!
Spawn shops and player shops are protected nothing else.
we have a large world! of 1 Million blocks each way from spawn, so that's a world size of 2 million by 2 million!

Join our Discord server to keep up to date with the server. or to report bugs and other problems discord.gg/seN9Gxd

We are a Anarchy server with little rules.
Hacking is not allowed.
Please keep the bad language to a minimum.
And do not do anything to try to crash the server!

And that's pretty much it for the rules!


MCMMO that allows you to level up many more parts of your char, such as sword skill, and mining skill, to increase the power of your char! (And for those who know the mod vanilla items are enabled when fishing so you can still fish up mending books)

ESSENTIALS everyone has commands like /home /spawn /back and more!

SIMPLE EGG with this mod you can capture any mob by throwing a egg at it! (it keeps all mob stats for when you choose to throw the egg back down) (also cost 5 diamond each time)

SHOP is a plugin that shows a floating item over a chest. We are working on a shop area now that you will be able to have your own shop to sell/buy.

We also have re-enabled the Notch Apple recipe!

I look forward to seeing you online EVINRUDE1914

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