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avatar Aerology
Level 1 : New Miner
Status Offline Pinged: 03/18/19
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.8.8
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ArchiaMc. Whats the first word you think when you hear "ArchiaMc". I think of a blast, full of action, pvp and griefing. Grab a friend and grind your way up on Ftop to possibly win 250$ FTop prize. This server has a ton of unique features. One being chunk miners. We all hate trenching for our bases but with Chunk Miners it will speed up the process, you can get one from buycraft, voting and keys and you just mine a block and it gets rid of every block including water/lava in a 16 by 16 radius (chunk). Stacked Spawners. Some of us have bad computers and trust me I know the pain of trying to rise in ftop but the base is too laggy to play in but with stacked spawners you can stack as many spawners as you want resulting in the mobs being stacked to prevent lag. Gen buckets. Pretty self explanitory right here execute /gen in game and recieve a bucket, punch to change the type of bucket and you will be charged with each place, much better than having a cluttered inventory full of stacks and stacks of buckets.

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