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ArvenyaEarth (PvP, Towny, Nations) [Java and Bedrock]

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Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
ArvenyaEarth (PvP, Towny, Nations) [Java and Bedrock]
Status Online! Pinged: 06/27/22
United Kingdom
Game VersionMinecraft Java TCPShield.com
Invalid hostname. Please refer to our documentation at docs.tcpshield.com
Connect With
IP: arvenyamc.net

Port: 19132
"Wow look, another nations server that probably censors it's players and isn't fun, what a surprise."

Haha... Yeah no. Believe it or not this isn't one of those servers where you have to watch every word you say. As long as you aren't screaming the N-Word, no admins care. Say whatever you want. Here we firmly believe that the best nations servers are the ones with conflict, wars, toxicity, and a decent community.

But of course, "apart from that what makes Arvenya unique" you may ask. Well, we DON'T have tp. Yeah, crazy. Instead of relying on /tpa and /t spawn to travel from point A to point B, you have to actually travel there on foot (or on horseback, more on that in a moment).

Another thing that makes us quite unique is our nutrition and food expiration systems. Yeah, that's right. You have to balance your diet to survive. Eat too much of a food group and you won't be able to eat that food group for a little, which could possibly lead to starvation. And after about a while, any food you have will expire.

As a third thing, not only do we have working gates, but we also have craftable saddles and chain armor. We also don't have netherite armor or enchantments. Yup, that's right. You can't even make enchanting tables. You have to rely on whatever you can craft from base materials. We also don't have structures, meaning no villagers or op loot at the start of you're lucky.

This is one of the best experiences imaginable. Come check it out.

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