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AydaaCraft Survival - 1.16.x

You're able to vote once a day for Minecraft Server "AydaaCraft Survival - 1.16.x" on Planet Minecraft. This Australia server has been on PMC since Aug 21st, 2019 and this month they have 0 votes. Voting for this Minecraft server helps them rise the server charts on Planet Minecraft. Thanks for helping them grow.

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Username is CaSe-SeNsiTive

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23 Update Logs

Server changes! : 07/18/2020 3:49:06 amJul 18th

- Added Secret sidebar achievement (Will show once someone achieves)
- Added support for Dynmap but only flat maps are supported, for now (to avoid stalking) and map updates are delayed 60 seconds
- Added UnKillable pets plugin!
- Added 1.15/1.16 Microblocks to Wandering Traders 3-6 block chance per WT spawn
- Random Teleport system added (/RTP) will teleport you to a random location (without lag)

- Cost for TimeVotes ($10 for starting a Time vote day or night)
- Changed Mob Head drop chances to 0.01% (from 0.001%) for all mobs
- Creative plots costing ($100 cost for claiming a plot, $100 for selling and $50 for merging plots together)
- Reduced ServerWide snow effect to minimal
- Updated various plugins for performance improvements!

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