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Bronsin City

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BronsinCity avatar BronsinCity
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
Bronsin City
Status Offline Pinged: 07/01/22
Game VersionMinecraft Java
SkyFactory 4: Server - v4.2.2
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Welcome to Bronsin City!
Thanks for taking the time to drop by and read this.
This server is a unique concept, so I do suggest reading this info! We
are a city. You live in the city and your objective is based around
working your way to the top of society. PvP is enabled is some parts of
the city, so watch your back. The Officers can't always save you. By
using the city's facilities that the Mayor has kindly donated you can
work your way from a lowly fugitive, who has just escaped prison, to a
well-known and respected Citizen.

You join our server as the rank of a Fugitive who has recently escaped from one of the many prisons
out there.You are a changed person, or are you? Your mission is to
become a Citizen of Bronsin City and then, if you want, create a city of
your own. With cities you can earn money through taxes! But don't make
them too high, otherwise people will leave and your city will become
bankrupt, an interesting idea though.

There is no white-list, so you can easily jump into the city straight away and play. Also, we
have no reserve slot system which means slots come at first come first
serve basis. You'll be sure to get a slot though. The server is run on a
professional, high speed server with virtually no lag and the server is
online 24/7!

Rank Information

Low Class Ranks:
  • Fugitive
    - Cost: $0 - Default rank. A fugitive is an escapee of a prison. Keep
    your head down and no officers will notice you. You are the lowest of
    the low. Make allies and rank up fast. The sooner you rank up, the
  • Peasant
    - Cost: $6,000 - Second Rank. You are still a measly old peasant. But
    you're working your way up and that's great. You are reasonably well
    known in the low-class district; use that to your advantage. Ability to
    rent a house, renting a house is recommended.

  • Farmer
    - Cost: $16,000 - Good job. While walking down the street you hear your
    name. You're getting a bit more popular now. The locals now know your
    name, but watch out. You don't earn a few friends without earning some
    enemies. Watch your back.
Middle Class Ranks:
  • Worker
    - Cost: $30,000 - You've been moved up to the middle class district.
    You may go back to the low class district if you so wish. But it's not
    recommended due to the amount of savages. Ability to rent middle class
    houses. I heard a rumor that someone's jealous of your recent success,
    keeping quiet would be advised until you next rank up. Access to an
    upgraded shop and some great new things.

  • Member
    - Cost: $70,000 - You've been spotted by the Mayor and given official
    member status of the city, congratulations! How do you feel? Through
    your promotion you've earned a lot of respect and some nifty new
    commands to use! But you aren't finished yet, high class society awaits!

High Class Ranks:
  • Civilian
    - Cost: $90,000 - A trusted member of the community, the Mayor,
    therefore, grants you access to some of the most prestigious facilities!
    Ability to rent high class houses at affordable price
  • Citizen
    - Cost: $150,000 - Currently the highest paid rank available on the
    server. You now have to ability to create your own city, but it isn't
    cheap. Creating a city will earn you a hefty profit if you are
    successful! You now have access to precious-stones which will enable you
    to protect land in the wilderness, at a price of course

Additional ranks:
  • After Citizen, you receive the option to go farther. The ranks split into two seperate trees which can be viewed using /ranks in-game. One tree focuses on PvP and combat while the other tree is aimed at the people who want to build and own towns. There's an additional 5 ranks in each tree but choose wisely as you can only be on one tree at a time!

We also have fun community aspects like towny and admin hosted events to get involved in after you've risen through the ranks!

Server Rules

  • No Hacked Clients
  • No unapproved mods/3rdparty programs
  • No xray mod/xray texture packs
  • No spamming or advertising
  • No player harassment (This includes grammar harassment)
  • No Posting Links in Chat (Links relating to Bronsin City are fine)
  • Be respectful to all players and staff
  • No excessive swearing/profanity
  • No city griefing or major griefing (Minor griefing is fine)
  • Do not exploit bugs/glitches/loop holes
  • Do not abuse the bounty plugin. (Accepting a friends bounty and killing them when they are not at risk of losing items, etc)
  • The
    above rules may result in a permanent/temporary ban, kick and/or mute
    from the server. All actions, such as bans, mutes. etc, are all logged
    by our server.

City Rules

  • No contraband items* - If seen by a police officer you will have 5 seconds to hand over the item(s) or risk jailtime or death
  • No
    PvP Abuse - 1st Offence = Warning, 2nd Offence = 'Out' countdown. If
    you do not exit the non-pvp area within 5 seconds, you may be jailed. If
    you exit the non-pvp area you may be killed by the officer(s)
  • No camping = Instant 10 minute jailtime
  • No pickpocketing - 1st offense = verbal warning, 2nd offense = 10m jail. If done to an officer = instant jail
  • No using negative potions in non-pvp areas - 1stoffence= 15 minute jailtime, 2ndoffence = 1 day ban
  • Do
    NOT rent multiple plots/areas of the same type. This may result in the
    plot being unrented, no refund and a possible $20,000 City Fine.
  • *Contraband Items: Swords, bows, arrows, harmful potions, lava bucket, flint and steel, and War Vehicles.

Join our Discord to join in with the community and keep up to date with changes!

More info to come soon. We hope you enjoy the server!
CreditZeldowin, Spook

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