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Cookies and Chill

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Level 9 : Apprentice Crafter
Cookies and Chill
Status Online! Pinged: 04/17/21
Game VersionMinecraft Java Tuinity 1.16.5
Cookies & Chill Semi-Vanilla SMP
Get whitelisted: https://cookiesandchill.pro
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Welcome to Cookies & Chill

We are a community of like minded people that chats about anything and everything, plays all sorts of games and has loads of fun!
You must be 18 or older in order to join our community!

About our Minecraft server
Server type: Semi-Vanilla whitelisted
Server version: 1.16.5
Website: https://cookiesandchill.pro/
Web map: https://map.cookiesandchill.pro/
Ranks: https://donations.cookiesandchill.pro/
Server IP: play.cookiesandchill.pro
Overworld size: 12k x 12k
Pixelart region: 12k x 12k flat region for all your pixelart needs (fly is enabled)
Nether size: 12k x 12k
The End size: Unlimited (chunks after 2k from 0/0 are regenerated once a month)
▷ per player mob cap is enabled meaning your farms will always run at max performance
▷ all mob settings (cap, despawn / activation) are Vanilla
▷ all our servers are being backed up on a hourly basis so in case something happens we have it fully covered. We take griefing very seriously and if we do encounter someone stealing they will get permanently banned from our community without an option to return and all their actions from the time they joined the server reverted.

Get Whitelisted
Our server accepts only "Premium" Minecraft accounts meaning your account must be purchased from Mojang. If you do not own a "Premium" account please do not waste our time as there is no way you can get on to our server.

To get whitelisted join our Discord server @ https://discord.gg/tnncCCf5eW and follow the guide from our #info channel.

Server Rules
  • Be server friendly (no lag machines)
  • PvP without the consent of both parties is strictly prohibited
  • Remove single block pillars that you have built while exploring, same goes for trees, chop them down completely
  • Griefing and/or stealing will result in a permanent ban (offenders actions will be rolled back to the point where he/she first joined the server)
  • Use of exploits is not allowed and will get you banned
  • All not 100% manual farms must have an off switch

Server Addons
Fast Leaf Decay
when you chop down a tree leaves decay almost instantly

shift when mining to break all ores of same type at once, also works on wood and crops

Shulker Backpacks
right click on a shulker in a container or mid-air to open it

saves your items in a chest when you die, yoou have 15 min to retrieve your items before they despawn

XP Storage
punch an enchantment table with an empty glass bottle to store your xp

Armor Stand Editor
style your armor stand however you want, use a flint and left / right click away from an armor stand to open menu

Wandering Traders
armor, tools, building blocks, exotic items, micro blocks, player heads (only players from our server) and more...

Damage Indicators
damage indicators are enabled for both PvE and PvP, you can toggle the indicators on/of by using "/damageindicator toggle"

Custom Bosses
no more feeling bored after killing the Dragon and Wither - our server has a couple custom bosses that you can take on, be warned: our bosses are not as easy as the Dragon and Wither, teamwork is required...

Cookies and Chill Modpack
We have our own Forge modpack consisting of client side mods to enhance your vanilla experience.

Link to modpack:

You can also search for "Cookies & Chill" in your CurseForge app

If you want to use your own mods to enhance your gameplay here is a list of client side modifications that are allowed on our server:
▷ Optifine
▷ Resource packs (x-ray is not allowed)
▷ Shaders
▷ Minimap
▷ ...basically any client side mod which does not give you an unfair advantage over others is allowed

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