CovfefeNetwork Whitelisted Vanilla Server 1.16 Survival

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Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
CovfefeNetwork Whitelisted Vanilla Server 1.16 Survival
Status Online! Pinged: 11/23/20
Game VersionMinecraft Java BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.16.x
CovfefeNetwork ?Version: 1.16+    
? [Whitelist Community] [Shopping District] ?
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Hermitcraft Inspired

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What we offer:

  • Friendly and professional staff
  • High spec server (18~20 tps)
  • Great form of communication(Discord)
  • close-knit community
  • Legitimate, hard survival world
  • Mob/Player Heads
  • Multiplayer Sleep
  • Ender Dragon Drops(Elytra, Dragon Head)
  • Shulkers drop 2 shells 100%
  • Community projects, activities, and events
  • Connections

Server Values:

  1. Show maturity among other people
  2. Be polite to one another
  3. Have friendly conversations
  4. Help each other out
  5. Be socially appropriate
  6. Respect other people's belongings and builds

  1. Play legitimately
  2. Ask before you borrow or use something

Who we look for:

People who can:
  • Dedicate a decent amount of time playing in the server
  • Play legitimately and follow the rules to the best of his/her ability
  • People who enjoy trading with others!
  • Accomplish personal projects and contribute to community established ones
  • Participate in community events and activities(not always mandated)
  • Interact with other people in a mature way
  • Have fun, interesting, and appropriate conversations
  • Use Discord as a way of communicating with other players(Mandatory to have as it is required for linking)

What are you waiting for? Apply now:

(We accept new players everyday)

We also offer
CovfefeTowny is a towny/rpg server that wish to bring you the best RPG experience!
Our goal is to provide you with the best co-op experience with your friends through a unique dungeon system as well as custom rpg items!!

- Towns | Create towns, invite friends, and build your own Empire!
- Jobs | Make money while employed. There are 5 unique play styles awaiting you to experience!
- MCMMO | Level up your skill to embrace in the experience of true MMORPG!
- Dungeons | Eradicate the evils from the world with a squad! Custom mobs and terrain~
- Quests | Complete epic quests to earn rewards and prove your worth!
- Player-Driven Economy | A unique economy system that allows players to determine the market price and compete!
- Relics | Relics are rare and powerful items that give you unique abilities and buffs!
- Pets | Unlock pets to follow you in your grand adventure!
- And many more!

We hope to see you on the server and have a wonderful stay!

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